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STATEMENT: NETA Auto attends the China-ASEAN Expo, with the aim of completely covering the ASEAN market

NANNING, China, Sept.

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STATEMENT: NETA Auto attends the China-ASEAN Expo, with the aim of completely covering the ASEAN market

NANNING, China, Sept. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- The 20th China-ASEAN Expo began in Guangxi, China on September 17. Nearly 1,700 companies from more than 40 countries participated in the event, promoting China-ASEAN economic integration with new innovative and technological products. A notable presence at the expo was NETA Auto, which showcased its stellar line-up of vehicles. Zhang Yong, co-founder and CEO of NETA Auto, attended the main forums of this event.

NETA Auto's exhibition booth attracted distinguished guests including Sonexay Siphandone, Prime Minister of Laos, Aung Zeya, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology of Myanmar, and several other political dignitaries and business representatives from ASEAN countries. They highly recognized the global development of NETA Auto.

NETA Auto will establish a strong presence across the ASEAN market in the next one to two years, making high-quality smart electric vehicles more accessible to the local population. Recognized for its exceptional smart features and top-notch product quality, NETA Auto has become a popular Chinese smart electric vehicle brand in global markets. With a user base exceeding 330,000 worldwide, the company actively continues its globalization strategy.

Welcome visitors with a stellar product line

The potential for mutual success in the ASEAN market has been a key driver of NETA Auto's popularity as a new energy automobile brand in the region. Positioned as a trendy smart vehicle born for young people, NETA V frequently leads the pure electric vehicle registration rankings in Thailand. This model reflects the NETA Auto brand value, "Tech For All", with its feature-rich Level 2 intelligent driver assistance system, spacious 14.6-inch intelligent central control screen and 8-core processor high perfomance. The entire NETA Auto product line displayed at the exhibition attracted significant attention from participants from ASEAN countries and beyond.

Aim for full coverage in ASEAN as part of global location-based strategy

In 2022, NETA Auto made its debut in Thailand, one of the largest car manufacturing countries in ASEAN, marking the beginning of its international expansion. Today, NETA Auto has become a major player in Thailand's automotive industry. From January to August this year, NETA V ranked second on the pure electric vehicle registration charts in Thailand, with a market share of nearly 20%. As of September, NETA Auto has achieved cumulative sales exceeding 10,000 units in Thailand.

NETA Auto has not only made significant progress in Thailand but has also accelerated its expansion efforts in other ASEAN markets. In Indonesia, the company opened a subsidiary and entered the Indonesian market. In Malaysia, NETA Auto has partnered with local collaborators to quickly establish a presence. NETA Auto attaches great importance to the ASEAN market. It plans to deliver more than 100,000 vehicles annually in approximately three years, solidifying its position as a driving force for new energy development in ASEAN and contributing to the creation of a better quality of life in the region.

At the 20th China-ASEAN Expo, NETA Auto continues to expand its global presence, forging comprehensive and multi-level strategic partnerships in the automotive industry with ASEAN and numerous countries around the world. This move accelerates its transformation from being China's NETA to global NETA, making high-quality smart electric vehicles accessible on a global scale.

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