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STATEMENT: Natalia Denegri receives the prestigious Callas Award in New York, for her journalistic and philanthropic work

(Information sent by the signatory company).

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STATEMENT: Natalia Denegri receives the prestigious Callas Award in New York, for her journalistic and philanthropic work

(Information sent by the signatory company)

The Italian-Argentine journalist, host, producer and philanthropist living in the United States was awarded for her journalistic and philanthropic work in favor of Hispanic families in North American territory, in an event in which the Italian consul in New York, Cesare Bieller, participated

New York, March 19, 2024.- In an evening full of emotion and distinction, the prominent Argentine journalist Natalia Denegri was honored with the prestigious Callas Tribute Prize New York in a moving ceremony held last Thursday, March 7 at the Italian Institute of Culture of New York. This recognition, which pays tribute to the legendary soprano María Callas on the centenary of her birth, highlights female excellence in various spheres of action.

Natalia Denegri was praised for her outstanding journalistic work and her philanthropic activities. “The journalist, audiovisual producer and gastronomic entrepreneur Natalia Denegri will be awarded for her philanthropic commitment through her television program Corazones Guerreros, which has as its central axes the well-being of children and solidarity, and for the extraordinary social documentaries of she. In addition to being the only one of Italian descent to have won 26 Emmy Awards,” she says the nomination that was read on March 5 at a press conference held in the Italian Parliament.

The awards gala was presented by the prominent Italian journalist and writer Claudia Conte, a fervent defender of women's rights and the fight against gender violence. Among the distinguished winners were also the lyrical soprano Inés Salazar, the American influencer Desiree Busnelli, the Spanish singer Amalia Toboso, ambassador of "Music without Borders", and the actresses Clarissa Burt and Carol Alt, renowned Italian personalities very active in the field social and supportive, among other personalities. The Italian consul in New York, Cesare Bieller, and the famous fashion designer Guillermo “Emo” Pandelli, recognized for dressing renowned stars such as Madonna, also participated.

“This year marks the centenary of the birth of María Callas, and it is especially significant that the award is celebrated in New York, the Divine's hometown, within the framework of International Women's Day. Through the María Callas Tribute Prize, we honor the talent of women, their tenacity, courage, passion and creativity, remembering the exceptional contributions of outstanding women in various fields,” said Claudia Conte at the beginning of the event.

During the ceremony, businessman and philanthropist Alan Hassenfeld, former CEO of Hasbro Toys and director of the Hassenfeld Family Foundation, the foundation for which Denegri has been spokesperson for the United States and Latin America for more than a decade, also received recognition.

Although she could not be present at the ceremony because she was in the middle of a solidarity mission to assist children with disabilities, Denegri was represented by her colleague and friend, the Argentine journalist, Ronen Suarc, who has lived for several years in NY. On behalf of Denegri, Suarc spoke moving words in English that moved the audience: “On my journey, I have learned that even the smallest gestures of compassion can bring about profound change in the lives of others. With deep gratitude and humility I accept this recognition, surrounded by extraordinary people dedicated to making a difference. To my fellow honorees, I offer my deepest gratitude. Let us continue to show that kindness is the most powerful weapon to change this world.”

The Callas Tribute Prize New York, conceived and produced by Dante Mariti, had the collaboration of Prof. Fabio Finotti, director of the Italian Institute of Culture in New York, and Rai journalist Claudio Pagliara. It is an annual award that celebrates courage, passion and creativity, paving the way for future female talent and, at the same time, is an opportunity to promote diversity, sensitivity and innovation in art, for a more inclusive future. .

Denegri has a long history that links it to Italy. In addition to being of Italian descent, she experienced very important milestones in her career in that country: the making of her first international film as an actress and producer with Uma, the publication of two books Warrior Hearts and Mother's Heart by the Italian publishing house Infinito Edizioni and his first visit to Pope Francis in the Vatican.

In addition, she also has a special connection with New York, where she will soon embark on her role as a gastronomic entrepreneur with the opening of two new branches of Baires Grill, the famous Argentine gastronomy restaurant chain in which Denegri is a partner, which began in Florida and is expanding throughout the United States.



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