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STATEMENT: Mail Boxes Etc. collaborates in the 'Share and Recycle' Campaign with 31,563 kilos of toys collected

(Information sent by the signatory company).

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STATEMENT: Mail Boxes Etc. collaborates in the 'Share and Recycle' Campaign with 31,563 kilos of toys collected

(Information sent by the signatory company)

In an act of solidarity and environmental awareness, once again Mail Boxes Etc. has joined the "Share and Recycle" campaign, organized by the Crecer Jugando Foundation, collecting a record number of 31,563 kilos of toys. This milestone not only reflects the social and ecological commitment of Mail Boxes Etc., but also marks a before and after in large-scale initiatives in the country, demonstrating that corporate responsibility can leave a lasting mark on the social fabric of Spain.

Barcelona, ​​February 7, 2024.- Mail Boxes Etc. continues to reaffirm its commitment to corporate responsibility and sustainability. Their participation in Comparte y Recicla has not only driven the success of the initiative, but has also strengthened their connection with the community. This collaboration demonstrates that business commitment can have a direct impact, transforming actions into concrete results for a more sustainable and supportive future. In the 2023 edition of Comparte y Recicla, Mail Boxes Etc. has proven to be a key actor in strengthening of this solidarity initiative. Their participation was not limited to logistics; The company took an active role in promoting the campaign, involving local communities and raising awareness about the importance of reusing and recycling toys. With a strategic approach and a firm commitment, Mail Boxes Etc. transformed its centers in Spain into more than collection points: they became centers of environmental awareness and solidarity. The company not only facilitated the collection and transportation of 31,563 kilos of toys, but also became actively involved in raising awareness about the importance of sharing and caring for the planet. by collecting a total of 10,055 kilos of electronic toys. This would mean an equivalent of 26 tons of CO2, which is equivalent to the absorption of 0.52 hectares of pine trees in one year. This initiative has contributed to creating a strong sense of community and shared responsibility. By encouraging family participation in donating toys, Mail Boxes Etc. has helped instill values ​​of solidarity and sustainability in society. This year's campaign has not only been a success in terms of quantity, with the record collection of 164,817 kilos of toys, but it has also marked a milestone in quality and scope. The reduction in the amount of recycled toys and increase in reuse highlights a shift in society's environmental awareness, driven in part by the vision and actions of Mail Boxes Etc. Mail Boxes Etc.'s notable participation in Share and Recicla has shown how a company can be an agent of positive change in its community. This year's campaign has not only benefited thousands of boys and girls in Spain, but has also strengthened the social fabric and promoted sustainable practices. In the current panorama of companies committed to social responsibility, Mail Boxes Etc. emerges as an outstanding example, not only in the field of shipping and business services, but also in its active participation in this type of community initiatives. This involvement goes beyond a specific gesture; It is an extension of his philosophy

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