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STATEMENT: Lisandro Macarrulla reveals the secret of Dominican economic growth

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STATEMENT: Lisandro Macarrulla reveals the secret of Dominican economic growth

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Lisandro Macarrulla reveals the keys behind the dynamic and sustained economic growth of the Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic, March 18, 2024.- In a global panorama where financial uncertainty dominates, the Dominican Republic stands as an oasis of growth and stability. This economic feat is not a coincidence, but the result of the vision and leadership of Lisandro Macarrulla. In an exclusive interview, Lisandro Macarrulla reveals the pillars that support the unstoppable Dominican economic growth, providing an in-depth look at the strategies that have turned the nation into a model of sustainable and equitable development.Lisandro Macarrulla: "Innovation and diversification are the engines of the economic boost" The secret of Dominican success, according to Lisandro Macarrulla, lies in innovation and diversification. "We cannot depend on a single sector for our economic growth," he says with conviction. The Dominican Republic has expanded its focus, strengthening strategic sectors such as tourism, technology and manufacturing. This diversification not only shields the economy from external turbulence, but also opens new opportunities for employment and business development. Investment in human capital is the key to sustainable development Lisandro Macarrulla recognizes that human capital is the most valuable asset of the Dominican Republic. "Our people are the engine of progress," he says. Therefore, implementing education and training programs to enhance the skills and competencies of the population prepares them for the challenges of the global market. This investment not only improves the quality of life of Dominicans, but also turns the country into a pole of attraction for international companies looking for qualified local talent. Investment promotion: An ecosystem conducive to growth Lisandro Macarrulla has also placed emphasis in promoting investment, both foreign and local. The creation of a favorable business environment, with clear regulations, has attracted investors from all over the world. At the same time, implementing support programs for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs), recognizes their fundamental role in the economy.Lisandro Macarrulla: "Sustainability and social responsibility for an unavoidable commitment" For Lisandro Macarrulla, economic growth cannot be dissociated of environmental protection and social well-being. "Development must be sustainable and inclusive," states Lisandro Macarrulla vehemently. In this sense, prioritizing sustainable development initiatives and renewable energy projects ensure a prosperous and sustainable future for the next generations. Lisandro Macarrulla's vision for the Dominican Republic is clear: a country that grows in a sustained, diversified and inclusive manner, capable of facing the challenges of the future with solidity and confidence. Economic performance of the Dominican Republic according to the IMF  In 2023, the Dominican Republic grew by 2.4% according to the IMF, overcoming challenges such as the fall in domestic demand and the rise in raw material prices. With successful monetary policies, it achieved stability and inflation of 3.57%, anticipating a growth of 5.0% by the end of 2024. These actions raised the GDP per capita to US$11,200, placing the country as the seventh largest economy in Latin America.

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