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STATEMENT: Leando Maifredini explains the new concept of a welfare society

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STATEMENT: Leando Maifredini explains the new concept of a welfare society

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Leandro Maifredini, president of the Philosophia Foundation, an association that promotes well-being, appeared before the Davos Forum with the following phrase: "Well-being is our true purpose in life and the institutions and organizations of the future must embrace this premise that is already vibrating in all of us"

Argentina, March 12, 2024.- For many of those present in the room during the conference "Future education and the energy perspective" it may have seemed like an interesting theoretical reflection. But in reality, that speech was a practical, real and tangible proposal. Specialists like Maifredini are advocating for a radical change in education and work, recognizing that current challenges such as work demotivation, the disconnection between the desires of young people and The opportunities offered by companies, together with the crisis in traditional educational methods, require an innovative solution. They propose an approach that not only addresses well-being from an energetic point of view, but also seeks to expand it through self-knowledge and personal development. To address these challenges, the Philosophia Foundation has launched initiatives that include educational programs focused on personal development and the spiritual journey of the individual, which prioritize feeling and well-being, complementing traditional technical knowledge. Maifredini went a step further in his innovative proposal, revealing the need to create "more universities based on the discovery of who we are, more Masters based on feelings and more PhDs that teach how I can expand my well-being." Maifredini's intervention in Davos focused on introducing the E.I. (Energy Intelligence) and the importance of placing the development of human beings ahead of any type of initiative, delving into their energetic essence and the search for their well-being. This vision aims to create individuals capable of managing their emotions and facing the challenges of modern life, building a healthier and happier community. How to achieve this well-being? The Re-Evolution of education, as Mr. Maifredini titled in his presentation at the United Nations SDG Lab event during the Davos Forum, is based on two premises: 1. The need to change content with a focus on the development of being and feeling, for the preparation of leaders of the new generations. 2. The evolution of educational forms and platforms, giving rise to entertainment and personal experiences. With this idea, the first Leadership Training School was presented from an energy perspective, based on a Wellness Center located in Punta del Este, Uruguay, and which aims to expand to a global community with headquarters in different parts of the world in the form of Eco-Communities. At the same time, an innovative educational platform through a series based on sustainability and human development, which seeks mass distribution through television and digital media. The series will provide concrete tools to facilitate the training of people and their process of positive transformation. As a uniting point of all this, there is not only the brilliant mind of Maifredini, capable of seeing the world in a different way. Also the Philosophia Foundation that he presides, along with a distinguished team of collaborators, and that supports these new networks to continue developing their purpose of expanding people's well-being and re-educating them to build a better world.

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