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STATEMENT: Javier Jorge returns to bookstores with "When nobody sees me"

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STATEMENT: Javier Jorge returns to bookstores with "When nobody sees me"

(Information sent by the signatory company)

After the phenomenon of 'The Last Line' with which he reached more than 100,000 readers, he presents his second novel

Barcelona, ​​April 3, 2024.- The irreverent author, who in his debut hooked more than 100,000 readers and who gathers more than half a million followers on social networks, publishes his second novel in which he returns to the protagonist of The Last stripe. Although he is quick to say that "When Nobody Sees Me" is a novel that can be read independently without having read The Last Line, although of course, if you have already experienced the first story, this will be a very special reading because from the first page you will feel It's like you're reunited with an old friend that you haven't heard from in years, who will stay alone with you and tell you how things have been going for him recently. And that's how it is. Several years later, Rubén lives a placid life in the center of Madrid as a famous football talk show host, trying to write his first novel, that direct, fast-paced and real story that will lead him to achieve his dream of becoming a successful writer, but above all , having fun and fornicating beyond his means with the women who approach him, especially on social networks, thanks to his television fame. In short, letting himself be carried away by the overwhelming and unpredictable life of the capital without too many worries, until it knocks him out and pushes him to suffer the other side of Madrid, that of broken dreams. With his unmistakable style, using once again without He covers up that direct, fresh, street, stark and sometimes vulgar vocabulary, so necessary to make the story live, with his particular voice and that narrative nerve that he already exhibited in his debut work, which led him to connect with a very wide audience of readers and Even for non-regular readers, Javier Jorge presents a new novel full of characters that the reader seems to have known all his life. Men and women who live two lives, the one they show to society and the one they suffer and hide in silence. The Catalan author publishes a new story with a fast pace and unusual realism in which he talks about all those things that Most people think or feel, but do not dare to recognize, especially about sex in times of Tinder and other networks, but also about love, relationships, dreams, fears, frustrations, and, ultimately, about life. And once again he does it by capturing his readers from the first pages that can now be read for free on his website Jorge has done it again. When Nobody Sees Me is a novel in which thousands of people will see themselves reflected and that, for sure, will not leave anyone indifferent. Synopsis Rubén is famous because he appears saying nonsense on television about Cristiano Messi, Simeone and company, he lives in Madrid, In a charming apartment in Malasaña, the fashionable neighborhood, he enjoys his days in a relaxed, carefree way and fucks beyond his means with tons of women who flock to him on social networks. He has everything going for him. But he has not gone to Madrid for that. Rubén needs to write the definitive novel, a story that is a reflection of what he dreams, feels and thinks about life and everything else. Faced with the difficulty of capturing the text and under the premise that living is in some way nourishing his future novel with experiences, he allows himself to be carried away by the unpredictable life of Madrid, by its bars, its beers, its nights, by those women who At all hours they seek to spend time with the famous person on TV without caring who is behind them. They only impose three rules: don't fuck on Tinder, don't fall in love and don't sell the time you need to write the novel. But things do not go as planned and in this maelstrom that is his life, Rubén will have to resolve a question that he never thought he would have to face: How many times can a man hit rock bottom without going crazy? Bibliographic data Destrangis Editorial.ISBN: 978-84-09-56808-6Format: 15 x 22Price: €20.90Pages: 540Binding: SewnIt is possible to find out more information about the author on his social networks: :// Javier Jorge

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