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STATEMENT: Futursat CB revolutionizes boiler technical service in Barcelona

(Information sent by the signatory company).

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STATEMENT: Futursat CB revolutionizes boiler technical service in Barcelona

(Information sent by the signatory company)

During these winter dates, having a breakdown in the air conditioning equipment can cause serious problems. For this reason, it is essential that the boiler technical service you trust offers an effective and immediate response. The latest trends in Barcelona point in this direction; offer assistance in less than 3 hours without the obligation to have insurance with any air conditioning company

Barcelona, ​​December 14, 2023.- When requesting an assistance service, we must value the capacity of the SAT or technical service to clearly know the device to be repaired, what type of parts it will need and if it needs a special care due to location or age. Futursat CB offers urgent assistance for individuals and companies in just 3 hours for the entire Garraf area, Barcelona and part of Tarragona (Baix and Alt Penedés).

When an annual check is carried out, it is ensured that the air conditioner will work as it did the first day and that its incidents are not serious, hence the importance of this type of checks. It is advisable to always do them in advance of Christmas to avoid possible incidents.

Currently there are many brands of gas, diesel, biomass and electric boilers on the market, each with its own technical and operating characteristics. The same occurs with ducted air conditioning equipment, split, heat pumps, industrial cold, cold chambers, etc. each of them created for a specific purpose, whether for residential, professional, industrial use, etc. In order to offer an agile and effective solution to each breakdown or maintenance, Futursat CB technicians have various mobile units capable of solving all types of incidents in record time.


The most common errors in gas boilers are usually caused by loss of pressure, water, on and off problems, condensation, strange noises and radiators that do not heat, only part or one on and the other off (bleeding). In the cold they would be those related to drips from the device, changing filters, turning it on, not cooling enough, strong odors, defective thermostats, leaking ducts, compressor failures, etc.

As for the water heaters, it is very similar to the previous errors, drains, resistance failures and noises, in the same way in gas heaters you can experience a lack of hot water during the shower, or intermittent blackouts due to insufficient gas. or due to fan rotation problems.

Whatever the breakdown (regardless of whether the equipment is residential or industrial) the Futursat CB technical team offers an optimal solution for its repair.

Contact Contact name: Anais Contact description: Futursat CB / Manager Contact phone: 931 81 94 81