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STATEMENT: DEKRA ITV presents its new website

(Information sent by the signatory company).

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STATEMENT: DEKRA ITV presents its new website

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Innovation and accessibility for all drivers: "your new ITV digital portal"

Madrid, April 4, 2024.- In an increasingly digitalized world, adaptation and innovation are essential to stay at the forefront. In this sense, DEKRA ITV, a leader in vehicle technical inspection services in the world, has taken a step forward by presenting its new website. This exciting launch marks a milestone in DEKRA ITV's commitment to excellence in customer service. The new DEKRA ITV website has been designed by and for the user, prioritizing ease of navigation and accessibility from any device. With a clean and modern design, visitors can easily find the information they need about the MOT services offered by DEKRA, as well as access useful resources and relevant industry news. Streamlining the MOT experience: book an appointment prior MOT online In an effort to make the MOT process even more convenient for customers, a prior MOT appointment booking function has been integrated into the new website. Now, drivers can easily schedule their vehicle inspection appointment, selecting the date and time that best fits their schedule. This functionality speeds up the process and reduces waiting time at ITV inspection centers, providing a more comfortable and efficient experience for all drivers. Another important aspect of the new website is its commitment to transparency and clarity. DEKRA ITV has included information sections addressing frequently asked questions, legal regulations and useful tips to keep vehicles in optimal safety and operating condition. This reflects the company's commitment to educating and raising driver awareness about the importance of vehicle inspection.Commitment to Innovation and Excellence"The implementation of our new website marks an important milestone in our ongoing commitment to innovation and excellence in customer service," said Josu Otín, Director of the ITV Division of DEKRA Spain. "We are committed to providing our customers with the tools and resources necessary to make the MOT process as simple and convenient as possible. This digital upgrade reflects our focus on continuous improvement and customer satisfaction, as well as our commitment with road safety in Spain."In addition to its main functionality, the new DEKRA ITV website also serves as a platform for two-way communication with users. Various contact forms for queries and feedback have been integrated, allowing customers to communicate directly with the DEKRA ITV team and receive personalized support based on their needs. In summary, the new DEKRA ITV website represents a significant step forward. in terms of modernization and accessibility for users. With an intuitive design, interactive functionalities and informative content, the platform reflects DEKRA ITV's commitment to excellence in customer service and the promotion of road safety in Spain.

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