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STATEMENT: Borja Díaz, CEO of Allianz Partners Spain, participates in Business Insider's 'CEO Talks Meeting'

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STATEMENT: Borja Díaz, CEO of Allianz Partners Spain, participates in Business Insider's 'CEO Talks Meeting'

(Information sent by the signatory company)

The leaders of the most important companies in our country have debated their responsibilities and how they manage people and their organizations from a human point of view. All this, under the presentation and conclusions of Xavier Marcet, expert in strategy and leadership.

Madrid, January 31, 2024.- The Business Insider newspaper has held the first edition of 'CEO Talks Meeting', a space designed to bring together the most important leaders of our country and invite them to reflect on their responsibility and the meaning of being at the head of an organization. Manuel del Campo, CEO of Axel Springer Spain, presented this meeting divided into three round tables, focused on the figure of the leader, people and the culture and organization of companies. Borja Díaz, CEO of Allianz Partners Spain, participated in the latter, along with Hélène Valenzuela, general director of Ouigo and Rafael Amieva, general director of Outbrain Spain and Portugal. Díaz reflected on the importance of developing a strong business culture, focused on common objectives. "We are extremely lucky that we have a basic motivation that is to help people when they need it most," said the CEO, referring to the human work carried out by the Insurance and Assistance sector. "Company culture is key for all employees to work together. We call it One Team, but it is, basically, developing a sense of belonging in which all employees work on the same team regardless of the department or country in which they work. that they are located," he noted. In this sense, Díaz highlighted the importance of Communication as one of the keys to guaranteeing correct business organization. "We have to establish open channels so that communication flows and we can react quickly when something doesn't work," he added. Closely related to Communication is transparency, another fundamental aspect in the daily work of leaders. The CEO of Allianz Partners Spain highlighted the importance of transparency and how, many times, it becomes an ally and not an obstacle: "I have seen many times how, thanks to being honest and transparent, many problems that seemed "When you are transparent you get people more involved, and everyone finds solutions." Finally, the leaders also highlighted the importance of innovation. Companies must bet on it, but always, says Díaz, from training: "Workers must be taught to innovate and how to manage that innovation. In addition, we must find ways to reward it because enthusiasm and motivation help those ideas develop faster and generate new ideas. The 'CEO Talks Meeting' event ended with the intervention of Xavier Marcet, expert in strategy and innovation and president of Lead to Change, who highlighted the complexity of leadership positions and focused on three keys. The first, the obtaining of results by the leaders. The second, the ability to put the future on the agenda of the present, and the third, having time to make others grow: "In the short term, a boss is useful, but in the long term, you need a leader," he concluded. Issuer: Allianz Partners

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