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STATEMENT: Block-Auth launches innovative web 3 digital identity authentication software

(Information sent by the signatory company).

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STATEMENT: Block-Auth launches innovative web 3 digital identity authentication software

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Madrid, February 2, 2024.- The technology company Block-Auth announced the launch of its new digital identity authentication software, which officially materialized on Tuesday, January 23. The news was announced by Josué López Martín, founder, CEO and CISO of this firm located in the city of Madrid.

The expert indicated that they are writing a new chapter in the history of digital security with the solution they are bringing to the market. Its functionalities and applications will allow companies to strengthen the protection of their vital information. It is also a technology to protect the digital identity of users.

Block-Auth is a technology development company, whose focus has always been people's digital lives. Since its founding, its team has worked on solutions aimed at minimizing vulnerabilities that directly affect users of electronic programs. Josué López Martín adds that, in direct words, his work has been to make life impossible for cybercriminals.

With that spirit, they have developed their new authentication software, a resource that brings together many hitherto impossible possibilities within a single solution. The business protection tool uses Blockchain technology to prevent fraud with the identification of users and employees. It also minimizes the risks of customer data exposure with stronger authentication.

Another virtue of this authentication software is the transparency with which it operates. Ensures an immutable record of your operations to ensure compliance with data protection regulations. The tool does not use passwords, which, according to López Martín, end up being very vulnerable. This virtue makes it more resistant to possible phishing attacks against company users.

Josué García-Arcicollar Gallardo, co-founder and CTO of Block-Auth, pointed out that the Blockchain technology used in this tool not only protects companies. Likewise, it does the same with the identity of the users. By not having to use passwords, they are less vulnerable to identity theft. To prevent identity theft, the tool uses advanced cryptography and digital signatures in the form of a transaction.

Along with smart contract management, authentication software gives users back control of their identity. They are the ones who determine who can see and access your sensitive data or not. García-Arcicollar Gallardo affirms that, on the other hand, the tool significantly simplifies access to online services, which are increasingly common.

For his part, Yassir Doutroi Ouatmane, co-founder and CMO of Block-Auth, highlighted that the product will avoid wasting time in verification processes. He relates it directly to the public's use of web pages and mobile applications. When these platforms use the company's software, they reduce the public's concern about their data. This will have a favorable impact on metrics such as reach, leads and conversions.

Block-Auth software stands as a cost-effective answer to security challenges. Its implementation reduces dependence on complex infrastructure and reduces investment in specialized personnel, thus mitigating operational costs and the risk of sanctions derived from security breaches.

Block-Auth extends an invitation to companies to join this revolution in digital security. Companies looking to strengthen their security infrastructure and safeguard their digital assets are encouraged to visit the Block-Auth website, where they can sign up for the waitlist and get a first look at the capabilities of this revolutionary software.


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