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STATEMENT: Artificial intelligence revolutionizes the energy sector

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STATEMENT: Artificial intelligence revolutionizes the energy sector

(Information sent by the signatory company)

In2AI develops various projects that help energy companies to be more efficient through Artificial Intelligence

Madrid, March 7, 2024.- The changes that are occurring in the energy sector make "traditional" management of supply and services unfeasible. It is necessary to offer services in real time, with the highest quality and efficiency. This change involves the use of Artificial Intelligence. AI has become a tool to address the optimization of any process in the energy sector, such as the planning of new networks or the installation of new supply sources. In2AI, one of the main artificial intelligence companies in Spain, has developed projects that help energy companies to be more efficient through Artificial Intelligence, such as: Approval of electrical installations through Artificial Vision This artificial intelligence company has developed a project, for one of the large electrical distribution companies in Spain, which has used machine learning and artificial vision algorithms to evaluate electrical installations. They used Machine Learning/deep learning (ML/DL) techniques for computer vision. They restructured processes that allowed information to be better captured. This allowed it to be used for quality training, and 11 ML/DL models were developed using novel techniques. These allowed an accuracy of the models of up to 97%, achieving better processing of requests. Detection of shadows, defects and desynchronisms in solar panels In2AI has also helped a company in the renewable energy sector to supervise solar parks through of drones, applying artificial vision and artificial intelligence. This consisted of the development, training and deployment of artificial vision models to detect leftovers and defects using the Icevision framework and pre-trained models Open MMLab's MMDetection, the application was installed on AWS. The efficiency and performance of the solar park was improved by 25%. Application of AI to reduce electricity consumption The artificial intelligence consulting company has carried out energy saving projects for a wastewater treatment company (WWTP). Through AI, the development, training and deployment of the FeedForward neural network was carried out for forcasting and optimization of time series using Keras and Tensorflow. Thus, the use of AI in treatment plants can reduce energy consumption by more than 25%. Manuel Ruiz Aldereguia, CEO of In2AI, assures that the energy sector, although it has made great progress in the use of Artificial Intelligence, is still in its beginnings, since the great changes that are coming will force the use of these tools on a massive scale, "companies that do not use them will not be able to address the challenges and changes and it will be difficult for them to continue in the market." In2AI is a artificial intelligence startup that creates a group of professionals with extensive experience in business management and different technologies. Its objective is to develop Artificial Intelligence (AI) models to improve the business processes of companies, which allow companies to make better business decisions based on data (Data Centric), allowing faster and better informed solutions. .

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