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STATEMENT: ANCO consolidates its position in the Madrid technology market with the acquisition of R2 Tecnio

(Information sent by the signatory company).

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STATEMENT: ANCO consolidates its position in the Madrid technology market with the acquisition of R2 Tecnio

(Information sent by the signatory company)

The acquisition of R2 Tecnio represents a solid commitment to the development and growth of the technological services business in the Community of Madrid

Barcelona, ​​January 31, 2024.- ANCO, a leader in the Computer Consulting and Advisory sector with more than 40 years of experience, has announced the acquisition of R2 Tecnio, a prominent company specialized in computer maintenance services in Madrid. This operation reflects ANCO's commitment to strengthening its presence in the technological market of the Community of Madrid and expanding its offer of solutions and services. The acquisition of R2 Tecnio represents a significant step for ANCO in its project to bring innovation and excellence to its technological solutions to new clients in new markets. A comprehensive proposal of services that ranges from IT auditing and consulting, to IT maintenance, managed services, cybersecurity, through multicloud solutions and the promotion of digital transformation, among others. R2 Tecnio's experience in support and computer maintenance perfectly complements ANCO's capabilities, allowing it to offer its clients a catalog of more advanced and comprehensive solutions. Ignacio Ruiz, CEO of R2 Tecnio, considers that the ANCO project is "the best way to give its clients the advice technology they need to continue growing. "I leave our clients in good hands," comments Ignacio, who has handed over to ANCO the business area dedicated to computer maintenance services, leaving him in charge of the software and development area. "We are very satisfied with the incorporation of R2 Tecnio to the ANCO family. We take up the witness of their experience, knowledge and work well done to introduce and enhance a new, more complete portfolio of solutions and services with which to help our clients walk the path of their digital transformation," says Pedro Collado. , CEO of ANCO.Step by step towards consolidation: ANCO and its growth strategy in the national market With this operation, ANCO plans to reach 15 million euros in turnover in 2024. The company hopes to capitalize on the synergies resulting from this union to promote innovation, improve operational efficiency and provide even greater value to its clients throughout the national territory. ANCO's medium-term objectives, after the acquisition of R2 Tecnio, are clearly defined, as Collado highlights: "consolidation of the Madrid business unit and expansion in the national market". Among the priorities is increasing the company's profitability, taking advantage of operational efficiency and synergies between ANCO and R2 Tecnio. In addition, it seeks to improve market participation through the acquisition of new companies. In this context, ANCO is focused on completing new operations and strategic alliances in the coming months. Collado emphasizes that these actions are defined and planned in the 2024-2026 strategic plan, whose objective is to place the company in a leading position in the implementation of ICT solutions and services at the national level. More about ANCO ANCO is a technology consultancy with more than 40 years of experience that has become the leading technological partner for companies. More than an IT provider, ANCO is the strategic ally that turns technology into a competitive advantage and a lever of change, to give each business the support and drive it needs. In addition to being pioneers in Cloud Computing in Spain, ANCO is a trusted partner for its clients, who value its service and attention with a score of 9.2 out of 10. Issuer: ANCO

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