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STATEMENT: Amateur runner Jonay Reguera undertakes a solidarity challenge to fight Morquio syndrome

(Information sent by the signatory company).

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STATEMENT: Amateur runner Jonay Reguera undertakes a solidarity challenge to fight Morquio syndrome

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Amateur runner Jonay Reguera takes on a solidarity challenge: running for Morquio syndrome research. Through his challenge, Reguera seeks to raise funds for the MPS Lysosomal Association, focused on studying and combating lysosomal diseases. After an obstacle in his path due to two thromboses (one in 2022, another in 2023), his challenge is projected until 2024, with the aim of raising awareness in society and mobilizing resources for research into these rare and hereditary diseases.

Olivella-Santiago de Compostela, March 7, 2024.- The amateur runner Jonay Reguera began a bold challenge in 2022 with a solidarity nature that had to be stopped due to health problems. Reguera suffered two thromboses that forced a pause in the challenge, which is expected to end in 2024. This challenge not only tests Reguera's resistance and determination, but also has a solidarity purpose. All money raised will go entirely to research into lysosomal diseases, a group of around 50 genetic diseases that affect metabolism. Although there is no specific funding goal, each contribution adds up to advance research. In particular, efforts are directed to the study of Morquio Syndrome or mucopolysaccharidosis type IV. This hereditary disorder appears in one in every 200,000 births. Affected individuals cannot adequately break down mucopolysaccharides or glycosaminoglycans that accumulate in cells and alter their normal functioning. In this framework, the Lysosomal MPS Association plays a crucial role. The organization dedicates its activities to promoting research into the causes, development and therapies for lysosomal diseases. Likewise, its tasks include advising affected families, promoting prevention and raising awareness in society about the problems and needs of patients and their families. As for potential sponsors who want to join this challenge solidarity, they can do so through a contribution to the MPS Lysosomal Association and in this way collaborate in the advancement of research into these diseases. Contributors will be named on social media (@jeinoutdoor) and will have the opportunity to see their logo on the van that supports Jonay Reguera in his challenge. This is not only a physical challenge for Reguera, it is also a call for collaboration and solidarity in the fight against these diseases, turning this challenge into a collective achievement. As Reguera himself says: "The real challenge is the research, I just run."

ContactContact name: Jonay RegueraContact description: JeinOutdoorContact phone: 661236332