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STATEMENT: Absen advances with the future of MicroLED

(Information sent by the signatory company).

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STATEMENT: Absen advances with the future of MicroLED

(Information sent by the signatory company)

SHENZHEN, China, March 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- MicroLED is the technology that will bring LED displays into the future. Smaller and more robust than traditional LED, MicroLED brings exponential advances and improvements to the LED display. As an innovation leader, highly respected for its extensive R&D commitment, Absen has been actively developing IMD and COB technologies since 2016 and has recently launched its new MicroLED KLCOB series globally.

Absen's Industrial Product Manager Christian Czimny has extensive knowledge of the LED market and how products relate to customer needs, having worked in the professional AV industry for over 25 years. Helping guide Absen's strategic growth over the past four years, Christian discusses Absen's MicroLED technology and Absen's strategy for developing the future of displays.

Why is MicroLED important to the market?

As to why MicroLED is so important, Christian explained: "MicroLED technology opens up the mass production of lower pixel pitch LED products, where smaller screen sizes, accommodated by higher resolution, will follow the needs of 4K." and 8K. For this reason, the market for MicroLED technology is huge, and in addition to LED displays and monitors for business applications, MicroLED will enter the consumer market."

Absen opened its first COB/MicroLED factory and production lines in 2016, at the Absen Intelligent Manufacturing Center in Huizhou. Thanks to his commitment to R&D, Absen has made leaps and bounds in developing new technology, but Christian cautions: "Timing is everything and while it would be great to be the first and potentially the first to adopt new technologies, considerations such as the need for production capabilities to mature further reassure our focus on the market."

While Christian admits that one of the challenges manufacturing still faces is mass transfer with, according to him, "the goal of keeping the failure rate of LEDs as low as possible," Christian also highlights the COB (Chip on Board) technology as one of the MicroLED solutions. "Now the entire chip-equipped printed circuit board can be encapsulated or 'sealed'."

Of course, Absen has also made numerous advances in MicroLED and has brought to market a range of MicroLED products for the entertainment technology industry. Absen's KLCOB MicroLED range is available worldwide through Absen's extensive network of value-added partners.

MicroLED brings significant advances to LED displays

What exactly is MicroLED technology and what are its advantages? Christian explained: "MicroLED is based on FlipChip technology, capable of changing the electrical connection of red, green and blue in a single LED."

Christian further explains that technological advances have made it possible to eliminate wiring within the LED chip to reduce power consumption and maintain the same brightness. "In addition, by rotating the top of the internal components 180 degrees, a more stable and direct connection was established between the boards, providing even greater brightness than existing display technology."

Characteristically, Absen did not stop there and continued to focus on the quality of image performance. The result of that effort was a higher contrast ratio, in addition to Absen's matte black display surface finish, dubbed Black Coating Technology.

Christian stated, "This technology gives us even deeper blacks and a higher contrast ratio, while achieving richer yet very natural colours, which is an elemental part of HDR. However, the matte finish has much more to offer, including impressive imaging performance that is unaffected by ambient light environments."

Absen's R&D Investment Ensures New Advanced Product Capabilities

Along with high-performance image quality and a more sustainable product, created by lower power consumption, Absen's MicroLED boasts more beneficial features, including Absen's surface protection, which creates a cleanable LED product without fear of damage and one open to a wider range of installation opportunities than LED technology ever experienced before.

Christian assures that "the robust surface protection of the Absen MicroLEDs ranks high on the list of strengths, making the screens resistant to moisture, dust, antistatic, secured against anti-oxidation and protected against damage by collision".

Absen's continued investment in R&D puts him in an enviable position. "As you can imagine, the enhancements and benefits we've talked about offer a very attractive proposition and many companies in the market - and in our industry - are eager to jump on the bandwagon," Christian said.

However, with his disarming humility, Christian reaffirms his commitment to keep working hard towards the exciting future that looms on the horizon: "At the Absen MicroLED factory, we will continuously work in unison with our R & D team on new technologies and improvements to meet the goals we have set for ourselves. Absen is a well-established and highly regarded manufacturer of LED displays, and we can see new markets ahead and are looking forward to a bright, colorful and healthy future."

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