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STATEMENT: 47% of Spanish SMEs consider their level of digitalization insufficient

(Information sent by the signatory company).

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STATEMENT: 47% of Spanish SMEs consider their level of digitalization insufficient

(Information sent by the signatory company)

The study promoted by the technology consultancy Grupo Aitana - Opentix suggests that professionals from smaller Spanish companies perceive technology as an opportunity and a threat.

Grupo Aitana – Opentix, a technology consulting company for large companies, SMEs, freelancers and professional firms, today announced the results of the study “The digitalization of SMEs in Spain”.

Prepared during the months of March and April 2024, it has had the participation of 130 professionals from Spanish SMEs from various sectors of activity, with up to 250 employees and local, national or multinational geographical implementation. The workers surveyed carry out their activity in the functional areas of general management, sales, services, finance or technology.

When asked the question: What degree of digitalization does your company have?, the answer is overwhelming: 47% declare that their company has a low (22%) or minimal (25%) level of digital adoption, with considerable margins for improvement. While 34% of those surveyed affirm that their company has a medium degree of digitalization, only 19% of the responses express a high level of technological use, which represents a strategic priority to enhance the business.

However, the level of technological investment expected by professionals in the coming years shows an intention to reduce this digital divide. 45% affirm that they expect an investment in high or very high technology, as it is a critical element for competitiveness. 53% plan an average expense, in line with other strategic priorities of the company and only 2% plan a low level of investment.

Technology, opportunity or threat?

Technology is perceived by the SME professionals surveyed, at the same time, as an opportunity and a threat.

On the one hand, 40% affirm that technology helps to be more competitive professionally and 58% of those consulted point out that the lack of competitiveness due to not having the appropriate technology is one of the main risks for their company.

In another sense, 55% of professionals believe that technologies such as Artificial Intelligence can directly affect their work and put it at risk, and 37% believe that, to the extent that they are not sufficiently technologically trained, they will be less employable.

Finally, regarding the main drawbacks when taking advantage of the benefits of technology in their companies, 67% of participants point out the high cost of technology as the main barrier. To a lesser extent, a third of professionals mention the complexity of training employees and the difficulty of connecting the different existing applications.

About Aitana Group - Opentix

Aitana Group - Opentix is ​​a technological solutions consultancy for large companies, SMEs, freelancers and professional firms. Its main purpose is to promote technological change and bring technology closer to companies so that they can be more profitable and productive.

With services that include technology consulting, software implementation, training and comprehensive support, it stands out for its customer-focused approach and its commitment to innovation and technological accessibility.

In addition to having expertise in more than 2,600 clients from all sectors, it has 10 branches in Spain and is a Platinum Partner of Sage and Gold Partner of Microsoft. Currently, the business group is made up of Aitana, Opentix and Grupo CIE. For more information, you can access