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Sánchez summons the main construction companies on Monday to make housing a "national objective"

Stresses social peace and advises PP and Vox to return their "crystal ball" because the government's measures work.

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Sánchez summons the main construction companies on Monday to make housing a "national objective"

Stresses social peace and advises PP and Vox to return their "crystal ball" because the government's measures work


The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has announced this Saturday that next Monday he has summoned the main construction companies and social agents so that both the public and private sectors work together in order to turn housing into "the next objective national".

Sánchez, who has participated in a PSOE rally in Murcia together with the socialist candidates for the Region and the Murcian Mayor's Office, has stressed that the Government's commitment to housing is "firm and determined" and has to be the fifth pillar of the State of welfare. According to him, this meeting has to serve so that "we get going and make housing the next national objective that Spain needs."

The Chief Executive has expressed his chest about the 113,000 new public housing and affordable rental prices that he has announced in recent weeks, at the same time that he has reiterated his commitment to achieve in the next decade that subsidized housing represents 20% as in some countries, compared to less than the current 3% in Spain and 9% on average at a European level.

Sánchez has opted to build more subsidized housing to help young people to be emancipated at earlier ages and the prices are lower. "It is the subsidized housing that has to be built, not free housing," she has claimed.

At this point in his speech, he has attacked the PP and has contrasted the measures of the coalition government with those applied by the 'popular' in the places where they govern and when they inhabited Moncloa, criticizing that the Executive of José María Aznar gave wide sleeve for the construction of private housing with the Land Law.

"They talk about land, about being hit by a ball and about luxury goods, we talk about housing as a right and we are going to turn it into a constitutional right, that is the great challenge and objective of the country for the next decade," he stated with his eyes above all focused on young people, whom it has placed at the "center" of its priorities.

Sánchez has indicated that when the Popular Party governed and in the autonomous communities where it still does so, he has opted to "sell many of the subsidized homes to vulture funds." Having said this, he stressed that the Government has done the opposite and has increased the budgets in this area by eight and at this moment there are "in the execution phase, if not already finished, 60,000 homes."

The leader of the Socialists has listed the measures that he has applied during these years, such as the labor reform, that of pensions, the increase in the minimum wage or the implementation of the minimum vital income, and has criticized that since the opposition of PP and Vox predicted that they were going to fail.

"I don't know where they bought the crystal ball, but if it is in a return period, they should return it, because they don't give one," he snapped, emphasizing that his government has shown that the minimum wage can be raised and pensions revalued, guaranteeing the sustainability of the public system in the future without destroying jobs or bankrupting public coffers.

For Sánchez, "this has nothing to do with healers or false miracles" that ended badly. "We are never going to talk about the fact that Spain is doing well while there are still many problems, such as child poverty, for example. This is de rigueur, good management and that is what the PSOE does, much better than PP and Vox, when governs", has riveted.

Likewise, Sánchez has assured that the Government has fulfilled its duties in terms of employment and has welcomed the possibility of an agreement between unions and employers for a wage increase in the face of the impact of the war in Ukraine.

"There is social peace and social dialogue because this government recovered the social dialogue that others threw in the trash when they governed this country. And there is the key: this government defends the majority and they defend the interests of a minority, of the elite of this country," he said.

And he has affirmed that this "success" is for the whole country and has urged the PP to be "happy" about the good economic data and not take it as "displeasure", since Vox -- he said -- he sees it as "impossible."