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Sánchez boasts of guaranteeing "social peace" against a PP that is opposed to reforming pensions pushed by the employer

MADRID, 18 Mar.

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Sánchez boasts of guaranteeing "social peace" against a PP that is opposed to reforming pensions pushed by the employer


The President of the Government and Secretary General of the PSOE, Pedro Sánchez, stressed this Saturday that his Government has managed to carry out important reforms, such as that of pensions, and has also managed to guarantee "social peace" despite having an Executive of coalition and in a parliamentary minority. On the contrary, he has reproached the PP for not supporting this initiative and has reproached him for the fact that "the great employers" have set the pace for him.

"The right is once again portraying itself and being left alone" regarding the PP's refusal to support the pension reform, he pointed out during his speech at the Federal Committee that is held at the party's headquarters in Ferraz and in which the party will ratify the Electoral lists for the municipal and regional elections on May 28.

As he has reported, the logical thing to do would be for the right--"which calls itself Central European"--to support a reform worked on by the European Commission and which follows the recommendations of the Toledo Pact, as he has stressed. However, the PP will oppose it because "the great employers have already set the pace for them", according to what he has reproached.

Sánchez has defended that his Executive has governed based on dialogue and reaching great agreements such as the pension reform, approved this week in an extraordinary Council of Ministers after the approval of Brussels, the agreement reached between the coalition partners, PSOE and Unidas Podemos and that also has the approval of the unions.

Thus, he has indicated that the current government is guaranteeing social peace and does things very differently from the right, which applied the parliamentary "roller" and what it did was "throw people out into the streets."

In this way, Sánchez tried to underline the differences between this pension reform and the previous one, carried out by the Government of Mariano Rajoy, which had an absolute majority. "For the right, decent pensions are an unsustainable luxury and for us it is an inalienable right" he exclaimed.

Along the same lines, he has stressed that his government has dismantled the PP pension counter-reform of the 2010s, which, according to what he has criticized, was carried out without going hand in hand with Brussels and without the support of the unions. In addition, he has assured that with the current pact, they have completed "the reconstruction of the Pact of Toledo" guaranteeing the sustainability of the public pension system in the medium and long term. "And all this with social peace" he has finished off.

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