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Sémper calls to protest against Sánchez's "political caste" that has turned La Moncloa "a house of trouble and pawns"

MADRID, 27 Ene.

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Sémper calls to protest against Sánchez's "political caste" that has turned La Moncloa "a house of trouble and pawns"


The spokesperson and deputy secretary of Culture of the PP, Borja Sémper, has called on Spaniards to protest this Sunday to "end" the "political caste" promoted by the president of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, whom he has accused of turning La Moncloa into a "house of troubles and pawns."

This is what he did in his speech at the Mayors' Committee of the PP of Madrid, where he encouraged citizens to take to the streets this Sunday in the call of the PP to demonstrate against the amnesty law and the "cessions" of the Executive to the independentists.

Sémper has criticized Sánchez for "turning La Moncloa into the house of trouble" with "a weekly scandal" and "discredited ministers who speak badly among themselves", "despise the opposition" and "insult those who do not give them the reason".

"It is also a pawnshop," criticized the 'popular' spokesperson, who lamented that in Sánchez's La Moncloa "everything is for sale" if it serves the president to "remain in power." "The dignity of our institutions is for sale, the dignity of the Congress of Deputies. The dignity of the CNI is for sale," he warned.

Likewise, he has accused Sánchez of allying himself with those who "speak badly of Spain", among them the former Catalan president Carles Puigdemont and "the extreme left", and has disgraced the fact that in the Executive there are ministers who "speak badly of the history of Spain and its museums", in reference to the person in charge of Culture, Ernest Urtasun, a member of the Government from Sumar.

Sémper has also warned that Sánchez uses "the lie" as a "change of opinion" to now defend that "violence is violence" depending on "where it is carried out", an accusation in relation to the PSOE agreement with the independentistas to exclude from the amnesty bill terrorism crimes only for "human rights violations", which would allow amnesty for the CDR or those accused of Democratic Tsunami.

"How does Mr. Sánchez have so little decency?" Sémper questioned in this regard. "Of course what we saw in Barcelona is violence, of course it is prosecutable and of course they do not deserve amnesty or forgiveness," he stated in this regard.

"Sánchez is an expert in lying, but we do not deserve a government that dismantles institutions, dignity and dismantles the rule of law," he added, thus calling on citizens to protest for an "alternative": "There is a way out, "There is hope, there is a possible better future. There is an alternative to this bad government and this indignity."

Thus, the PP spokesperson has advocated for "ending this political caste by virtue of which if you are a friend of Sánchez, if you sit in his Council of Ministers or vote for him in Congress, you have a series of privileges", such as " to be able to put your hand in the box", "take public money to promote an independence project" and "burn the streets of Barcelona". "You can promote an independence project through violence, you can harass, persecute those who think differently than you," he warned.

In this way, Sémper has guaranteed that the PP is "determined" to achieve this "alternative" and defend the values ​​of "current Spanish society", with "equality as one of the most necessary." "This is the greatest challenge we face," he asserted, also urging us to "defend the institutionality and the value of the given word."

"Change is not going to come waiting for Pedro Sánchez to fall like a ripe fruit," said the 'popular' spokesperson, concluding by stating that "Spain is not condemned to live with this daily shame" and with a "Government that is shameful." alien."