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Renfe will exceed 30 million in investments in 2023 to promote its industrial area

MADRID, 1 Nov.

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Renfe will exceed 30 million in investments in 2023 to promote its industrial area


Renfe will make investments of 30.5 million euros in 2023 to boost its industrial area, through its subsidiary Renfe Fabricación y Mantenimiento, the company reported.

Specifically, these investments will be aimed at improvement works in different facilities; to the renewal and acquisition of different machinery; to the robotization of processes to improve information systems, or to actions to improve environmental management and be more sustainable.

Renfe's industrial area has more than 3,000 direct workers and manages purchases and contracting of services worth 137 million euros annually, which makes it an engine for generating employment, both direct and indirect, thus helping economic development. and technological at a national level and also promoting growth in local communities. These are specialized personnel in fleet maintenance, engineering, logistics and warehouses and industrial facilities.

Likewise, Renfe Fabricación y Mantenimiento has participating maintenance companies that include the main material manufacturers with a workforce of more than 2,000 workers. These companies, managed jointly between Renfe Mantenimiento and each of the manufacturers, provide the Renfe group with knowledge of different technologies and allow it to stay up to date with the latest technological advances in the sector.

Renfe Fabricación y Mantenimiento is the Entity in Charge of Maintenance (EEM) of the Renfe group, developing from specialized engineering the Maintenance Management System that is applied to Renfe trains with the aim of making them safe after carrying out their maintenance.

In addition, it supervises and controls that security processes and procedures are complied with, with risk management and monitoring of maintenance carried out. It also has Quality and Environmental Certifications that ensure the quality of the work carried out.

Renfe Manufacturing and Maintenance encompasses 98 activity centers spread throughout the national territory: both in first-level workshops, those that carry out simpler and faster operations; as second level, with more complex operations that require the train to be immobilized, in addition to other types of centers specialized in component repair. Furthermore, in the new scenario of liberalization of passenger transport, these facilities also provide their services to new railway operators.

In this way, a thousand trains pass through these centers annually to carry out first-level and second-level maintenance interventions, both for passenger vehicles and goods motor equipment.

With decades of experience and combining tradition and innovation, Renfe has become a benchmark in the provision of comprehensive maintenance and transformation services for railway vehicles, in addition to many other industrial activities such as the repair of railway components, engineering consulting services, management of facilities and workshop design.