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RELEASE: What is the best rust activator?

Madrid, September 17, 2023.

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RELEASE: What is the best rust activator?

Madrid, September 17, 2023.

In the world of design, architecture and construction, controlled rust has become a highly prized finish. But the big question is: what product to use to get that beautiful rusty effect in a short time and without risks? The answer is Corten oxide activator, also known as "rust accelerator."

Product characteristics

This product guarantees results in one hour on any type of oxidizable metal such as Corten steel, iron, raw steel, among others. In addition, it offers a high-quality oxide that does not flake. But perhaps the most notable feature is that it is the only acid-free rust accelerator, eliminating the risk of burns for the user.

In terms of efficiency, consumption is economical: with 20m² per liter of solution, the product is three times cheaper than alternatives. Furthermore, no other product is needed to stop the oxidation process.

Why trust Corten?

Many professionals already trust us. The application protocol is simple: degrease the surface, sand it if necessary, apply the accelerator with a roller and wait for it to work its magic. In just 30 minutes, the surface begins to turn blue, a sign that the oxidation process has begun. There is no need to worry about long-term corrosion: the product only oxidizes the surface and does not penetrate deeply.

Main advantages

The most significant benefit is that the formation of the oxide layer occurs in just one hour. Additionally, it is vital to highlight that the product is acid-free. Unlike acid accelerators which will puncture metal in less than six months, with Corten this is not an issue.

Additional Information

The optimal application temperature of the accelerator is between 12°C and 28°C. With an average yield of 20-22 square meters per liter for the accelerator and degreaser, and 10 square meters per liter for the varnish, this product is efficient and economical.

The drying time of the rust accelerator is approximately 30 minutes, while the varnish is set at 6 hours.

International delivery

Finally, for those outside of Spain, we have good news: Corten offers delivery in Spain, the Canary Islands, South America and worldwide.

In short, if you are looking for a product that provides you with controlled, high-quality and safe oxidation, Corten oxide activator is undoubtedly the best option on the market.

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