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RELEASE: What are the soft skills most in demand by companies?

Madrid, October 27, 2023.

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RELEASE: What are the soft skills most in demand by companies?

Madrid, October 27, 2023.- Achieving success and positioning yourself as a company in the market is directly related to the professionals who work in the organization. Beyond having employees with fully developed skills and technical capabilities to face the challenges of their job, there is a decisive component in the permanence of good workers in a company: soft skills.

Soft skills are a series of intrapersonal and interpersonal skills that are very necessary for most of the professions or jobs offered today, as they are an essential part of the fit between the person and the position they are in. performs.

Unlike hard skills, which focus on the concrete and technical knowledge of a profession, soft skills are highly valued when it comes to incorporating new talent, developing internal staff and creating cohesive and functional teams, because they contribute to promoting effective communication, stimulate creativity and increase productivity.

This is explained by Adelantta, a human resources company specialized in selection, consulting, outsourcing of the Human Resources Department and training for companies that has a wide training offer in the development of soft skills for very diverse positions and sectors. In fact, the firm acts as the Human Resources department for many of its clients in the area of ​​selection, training and talent management.

Within a work scenario increasingly influenced by technology and constant changes, the development of soft skills becomes extremely important for professional growth. As Juan Carlos Sánchez, director of the firm, explains, “these inter- and intrapersonal competencies are in high demand by organizations and are extremely decisive for the correct functioning of work teams and the company in general.”

In this sense, soft skills training provides useful tools to solve problems within organizations, from improving communication skills to boost sales, to the leadership of managers to know how to effectively manage their work teams. All of this with the ultimate goal of enhancing employee satisfaction, the incorporation or retention of talent and productivity in the work sector.

Most of the training plans implemented by the Human Resources Departments of companies focus on intrapersonal soft skills, such as effective time management in daily tasks, efficient problem solving, stress control, resilience, etc. ; and interpersonal, such as communication skills, emotional intelligence, assertiveness, empathy and influence, among others.

Vanesa Velasco, director of operations at Adelantta, explains that the training designed by the firm for many of its clients “focuses on the development of specific skills adapted to the needs of our clients and their organization. We carry out courses, for example, for certain commercial functions (sales skills) focused on negotiation, customer service or persuasion techniques; or others that affect managerial staff (management skills), such as team and conflict management, crisis management and leadership.”

Adelantta has an extensive catalog for the development of soft skills that guarantee business success. To this end, the company has an extensive catalog of 100% practical courses – adapted to each business, according to levels and specialties – taught by trainers and tutors with extensive experience.

The methodology is based on two distance training modalities (e-learning and Virtual Classroom), and a face-to-face modality, characterized by the use of dynamic methodological supports such as Role-Plays, Metaplanes, Case Methods, Design Thinking or Team Building ; permanent monitoring of all participants and the possibility of subsidizing training actions through Fundae credit, being able to request the firm to manage it.


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