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RELEASE: VIMworld Celebrates the First User to Stake $400,000 in NFTs

Community milestones include a total of $4 million wagered and 15 NFTs reaching max level.

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RELEASE: VIMworld Celebrates the First User to Stake $400,000 in NFTs

Community milestones include a total of $4 million wagered and 15 NFTs reaching max level

SAN FRANCISCO, May 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, VIMworld announces and celebrates that one of the most dedicated members of its community has reached a remarkable milestone. This community member has contributed more than 200 million VEED (almost 450,000 USD or 245 ETH) to his SmartNFT VIMs. As a platform that rewards and encourages user engagement, VIMworld believes in recognizing the contributions of its community members.

In response to this achievement, VIMworld CEO Lila Xu stated: "This is an amazing milestone that speaks to the dedication and commitment of our extended VIMworld family. We want to thank you for your trust and unwavering support."

To date, users have wagered over $4,000,000 on SmartNFTs, ranking VIMworld as the top collectible dapp by total value in the last 30 days on BNB Smart Chain, according to DappRadar.

VIMworld has also recently seen five new VIMs achieve Ultimate VIM status by reaching SX tier, bringing the total to 15. This milestone for an individual VIM requires a stake of approximately US$65,000.

VIMworld is proud to recognize and celebrate the contributions of our community members. The amount of stakes is a testament to the platform's focus on utility that rewards user engagement. The goal is to continue to support and reward community members as we build a thriving and exciting platform for everyone.

VIMworld 101 For starters, users can buy a new SmartNFT in the Arcade or a second-hand one in the Marketplace, with a wide variety of levels and treasures. With a VIM in hand, users can expand their opportunities to play and earn more by purchasing Boxes in the Shop, which contain unique and rare EGGs. Buy an Incubator and a VIM of level C or higher to start the hatching process, which is now available to all users.

New updates to VIMworld add more ways to have fun and earn rewards, making it one of the most exciting platforms out there! Interested users can visit VIMworld, join Discord or watch the Vision Video to learn more. VIMworld's upcoming releases, including games, decentralized finance (DeFi) features, and increased multi-chain support, are just around the corner.

Access VIMworld now VIMworld is a revolutionary non-fungible token (NFT) ecosystem that creates a space where entrepreneurship and play combine and thrive. At the heart of VIMworld are VIMs, distinct and immutable digital assets that provide an unalterable system of verification. VIMs can hatch EGGS Buddies, which allow users to win instant jackpots, add unique abilities, and stack game boosters, making VIMworld the ultimate NFT platform to play and win.

To connect to VIMworld and explore all its features, download our NFT and cryptocurrency wallet, Nufinetes, compatible with Apple and Android devices or your preferred desktop computer. This comprehensive multi-chain wallet can be used across multiple popular blockchains, allowing users to interact with dApps, view NFT collections, and store tokens in a secure and easy environment.

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