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RELEASE: Sebastián and Sandra from Palma de Mallorca, obtain the exoneration of all their debts

Palma, Mallorca, May 29,.

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RELEASE: Sebastián and Sandra from Palma de Mallorca, obtain the exoneration of all their debts

Palma, Mallorca, May 29,

A court in Palma de Mallorca has ruled the exoneration of debts of Sebastián and Sandra, who have had the legal representation of Empieza de Cero

The resolution of the court The Commercial Court number 4 of Palma, whose magistrate is Víctor Manuel Casaleiro Ríos, issued an order on the bankruptcy on April 18. This recognizes the right of Sebastián and Sandra to exoneration of all their debts. Thanks to this, they will be able to start from scratch without facing the payments of the past. The resolution also indicated that there was the possibility of filing an appeal against it within five days. However, none of the creditors have done so. How the procedure was developed The expert lawyers of Empieza de Cero request bankruptcy without mass to Commercial Court number 4 on January 4, 2023. This type of bankruptcy has come to replace to the so-called express that was previously applied. It is typified in the Consolidated Text of the Bankruptcy Law approved by Royal Decree 1/2020 of May 5. It is a figure applicable to the self-employed and individuals who request the exoneration of their debts and who lack assets or these do not cover the amount of their debts. Among others, it has the advantage that it is carried out in a more simplified way than the traditional bankruptcy of companies and, in addition, it is resolved in much less time. Judge Casaleiro Ríos admitted the case for processing and initiated all the legal steps. Thus, he informed the creditors and warned them of the possibility of appointing a bankruptcy administrator. On the other hand, neither Sebastián nor Sandra had been convicted of economic crimes in the last ten years, an essential requirement to benefit from the second chance law that includes bankruptcy. The creditors did not consider it necessary to appoint an administrator and they did not oppose the exoneration either. of debts. Consequently, once the corresponding deadlines had expired, the magistrate issued the order in which he released Sebastián and Sandra from their debts. The background of the case Sandra and Sebastián contacted Empieza de Cero to ask them to guide them on how to solve their economic problems . These originated when both entered into a bakery business project that dates back to 2012. Their inexperience and the mismanagement of a third partner meant that the company did not achieve the expected benefits. To try to revive the business, they applied for several loans that did not improve the situation. When they closed their bakery, they had to face these debts personally. Likewise, they verified that these amounted to a liability of 42,750.50 euros and that they were owed to Banco Sabadell and Zolva Platform SL. On the other hand, they had no outstanding debts with the Public Administration, which greatly facilitated the exoneration process. Sebastián and Sandra, advised and represented by Empieza de Cero, have obtained the exoneration of their debts, so they will be able to start a new career released from these.

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