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RELEASE: POWEN explains what is the adequate power in home solar panels

Madrid, May 26.

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RELEASE: POWEN explains what is the adequate power in home solar panels

Madrid, May 26

The installation of solar panels in a house can generate many doubts as to the power necessary to satisfy the energy needs of the house.

The power of the photovoltaic installation will determine how much energy can be consumed at any time, and therefore how much energy can be harnessed from the solar panels. The correct choice of the power of the solar panels can mean the difference between an efficient and profitable solar system, and one that does not meet the expectations of the user. Next, it will be explained why it is necessary to analyze the consumption behavior of the client of the hand of POWEN experts, leader in photovoltaic solar self-consumption. Power: what is it and why is it important in the electricity bill? The power contracted with the electricity company refers to the maximum power that the home's electrical installation can support without suffering overloads or supply cuts. This amount is stipulated in the contract that is signed with the electricity company and is measured in kilowatts (kW). The choice of power is a very important factor in the electricity bill, since a fixed amount is paid for this concept , regardless of actual power consumption. Therefore, if a higher power than necessary is contracted, you will be paying more on the electricity bill without need. On the other hand, if less power is contracted, supply cuts will occur at times of high energy demand. A key factor in photovoltaic solar energy installations will be power. If you want to make the most of the energy generated by solar panels, it is important to choose the right power. In this way, all the energy generated by the solar panels can be used, without having to resort to energy from the conventional electrical network. That is why POWEN experts recommend doing a good study prior to installation to make the most of the power of solar panels. An example of how POWEN lays the foundations for the proper dimensioning of its projects would be with a simulation of the installation as a starting point, which is available on its website. What is the adequate power for the home? The choice of the adequate power of solar panels for a home will depend on its energy demand and the use that will be given to the energy produced by the panels. In general terms, and from POWEN's experience, consumers prefer that the power of the solar panels be equal to the power they have contracted with their retailer, thus guaranteeing that the installation can meet the energy needs of the home and making the most of the energy generated by the panels. According to POWEN, the relationship between the size of the installation and the power is not linear, since there are other factors that affect energy consumption, such as the installation of batteries, weather conditions and the time spent at home. Therefore, it is crucial to consider these factors when determining the right wattage for a solar installation. Additionally, energy consumption is a significant component of your electricity bill, often accounting for a larger portion than wattage. For this reason, POWEN focuses on reducing this consumption to achieve the greatest benefits for its customers. This can be achieved through the installation of solar panels. In addition, to take advantage of the energy that has been produced and has not been consumed, the installation of batteries is recommended. The battery option is also a good idea for those who already have a photovoltaic installation and want to maximize energy savings in those hours when the photovoltaic plant is not generating energy. They also recommend energy-efficient practices, such as installing energy-efficient equipment and systems, as well as through education and awareness about responsible energy use. In this way, the total cost of the electricity bill can be reduced and the return on investment of a solar installation can be maximized.

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