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RELEASE: New benchmark data demonstrates the power of Volt and Redpanda to make decisions in real time


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RELEASE: New benchmark data demonstrates the power of Volt and Redpanda to make decisions in real time

BEDFORD, Mass., Sept. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Volt Active Data, the only uncompromised data platform built to support applications that require speed, scalability and consistency all at once, today announced the results of a recent performance benchmark demonstrating that Volt and Redpanda combine to provide a powerful solution for businesses looking to capitalize on real-time decision making and real-time data processing.

"We pair very well with Volt to enable enterprises to take real-time action on data in flow at a much lower total cost of ownership than other solutions," said Chris Larsen, Director of Partners and Strategic Alliances at Redpanda.

The benchmark – the first in a series of benchmarks Volt plans to run with Redpanda – simulated the conversion of network switching records into billable items using a 6-node Redpanda Volt cluster. It demonstrated that Volt was capable of processing more than 100,000 complex decisions per second for less than $13 per hour in operating costs.

Making timely decisions on real-time data at scale is forcing too many companies to add layers to their stacks, resulting in costly hodgepodge solutions that ultimately stall or fail to provide optimal functionality when it comes to managing the flow of data. while reducing latency.

Built from the ground up with a native Apache Kafka API, Redpanda eliminates complexity, maximizes performance, and reduces costs. Its optimized architecture makes the most of resources to deliver 10x lower latencies and up to 6x lower costs, without sacrificing reliability. The Volt Active Data platform is optimized to deliver sub-10 millisecond response times on event data without compromising resilience or accuracy. Combined, the platforms offer businesses a risk-free way to have all the power they need to manage their streaming data at scale, reducing the size of their footprint and reducing latency.

"This is a huge opportunity for us, but of course it's an even bigger opportunity for the entire data streaming ecosystem," said Volt CEO David Flower. "The power of Volt and Redpanda is not just technical, but financial: true business results are achieved by leveraging real-time decisions and actions, all while reducing the architectural footprint and total cost of ownership."

About Volt Active Data

The Volt Active Data platform enables businesses to unlock the full value of their data and applications by enabling scalability without compromising speed, accuracy or consistency. Built on a simplified stack and ingest-to-action layer that can make decisions in less than 10 milliseconds, Volt's unique, no-compromise foundation gives enterprises the ability to maximize the ROI of their investments in 5G, IoT, AI/ ML and others, ensure “five nines” uptime, prevent fraud and intrusion, deliver hyper-personalized customer engagement, and save on operational costs.

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