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RELEASE: Mimaar, the expert childcare brand in the free movement of babies

(Information sent by the signatory company).

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RELEASE: Mimaar, the expert childcare brand in the free movement of babies

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Mimaar has invented and patented the "Roll up", the first crawling mat convertible into a bag that evolves with the growth of the baby. Laura Escanes, María Pombo, Verdeliss and María Frubies are some of the influencers who have already trusted the Enrollagateo for their babies

Barcelona, ​​March 15, 2023.- With the arrival of a baby, there are many products that families have to buy. Each of them for a different use, which on many occasions is not used or is used for a very short period of time. Mimaar designed the Enrollagateo to solve this. A crawling mat that transforms over time thanks to its accessories, thus adapting to the growth of the baby and accompanying it up to more than six years of age. And that they make from start to finish from his workshop located in Barcelona.

Offering the baby a safe and wide surface to practice free movement is very important for the correct development of their motor and exploratory skills. But each baby and each family have different needs.

Mimaar saw in this the opportunity to offer from its online store, a crawling mat that families can design and adapt to their needs, choosing the accessories they need to add to the mat and when they need them, without the need to buy everything at once, thus helping to alleviate the large outlay involved in the arrival of the new member of the family.

The stages of the baby's motor development and how Mimaar manages to accompany them in each one of them thanks to Rolling up:

• Volteo, is the beginning of autonomous displacement and they manage to reach it in four months. A padded surface is important to avoid bumps. For greater security, we can place limitations on the mat, Mimaar for this function has designed the "Parcelita" the contour of the Enrollagateo.

• Creeping, is the stage before crawling and arrives around six months. A firm and stable surface is important at this stage. That the baby does not sink into a surface that is too soft. And most importantly, that the surface does not deform with your movements.

• Sitting down, possibly they have already sat down before, but around 9 months they will be able to do it on their own. To achieve this, it is very important to have previously offered many hours of flooring, to develop strength and balance in the trunk, back, head and neck.

• Crawling, between eight and ten months approximately, babies reach the milestone of development most desired by moms and dads. He's already crawling! A milestone that he manages to reach thanks to the skills that the previous stages have given him. Here it is important not to limit the baby. She already has confidence in her movements, it is more difficult for her to hit the ground and she can remove the "Parcelita". Now she'll get off her mat and want to explore it all, fantastic! That means that the practice of free movement has given you the confidence and skill necessary for it.

And after the crawl?

Mimaar has also thought about the next stages of the little ones, designing other accessories that continue to transform the Enrollacrawl after the crawling phase. A cabin, a large colorable and erasable canvas in the washing machine, a large city road to play with strollers or a large alphabet to learn the letters, are some of his proposals to continue recycling the mat over the years.

About Mimar

Aurora, manager and creator of Mimaar, with her personal story perfectly defines what Mimaar is:

"With the arrival of my first son, Marcos, in 2017, we found ourselves with a restless baby, who asked for land at all hours and eager to explore all terrains, inside and outside the home.

We observe a lack in the market; all the play and crawling mats we found were; laborious in assembly and disassembly, complicated to transport, heavy, small, difficult to clean, not suitable for outdoors...

And most of all I was amazed at the number of products I had to buy and how quickly I had to stop using it to move on to the next one.

The Enrollagateo arose from the need to cover all these deficiencies and also to be able to recycle the mat and transform it for new uses, instead of buying new products for each new use that my baby needed due to his own development. For example, when creating the Parcelita we did it thinking that it could be used in the future as a bed barrier.

So we got down to sewing to remedy all those shortcomings.

Since then we have dedicated ourselves to perfecting the Enrollagateo, making it known and expanding the catalog with evolutionary accessories that adapt to each stage of development of our little ones"


Contact number: Aurora Matés

Contact description: CEO Mimaar

Contact phone: 659655656