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RELEASE: ISDI, the Digital Business School, designs its first course assisted by Artificial Intelligence tools

(Information sent by the signatory company).

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RELEASE: ISDI, the Digital Business School, designs its first course assisted by Artificial Intelligence tools

(Information sent by the signatory company)

ISDI, the leading digital business school in Spain, announces the creation of a first course 80% assisted by Artificial Intelligence tools. This is the course "Introduction to Google Analytics 4. Basic level", an example of how AI can be a powerful tool for the education sector. The course has been developed using Artificial Intelligence tools such as Copilot for didactic planning and content curation, Copy.ia for copies, Dall-e for illustrations and ChatGPT3 for texts and evaluation.

The project to create this course is part of the experience for students of the Master in Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics in which professionals are trained to use AI technology and Big Data in the practical development of business applications. for all sectors.

In this era of Artificial Intelligence, the education sector is being profoundly transformed. AI opens up a world of possibilities for students and educators. It provides a large number of resources and innovative elements for professionals in the education sector, such as comparing different academic materials to choose the most optimal for each program, allowing students to be evaluated more precisely and efficiently, or providing personalized content to suit interests. and needs of each student.

However, AI is not a substitute for human labor. Like calculators for math or word processors for writing, AI is merely a facilitator for people's tasks. Although the course is assisted by Artificial Intelligence tools, it has been essential that the ISDI professionals have made a good approach to the course and a good curation of the results of the AI ​​algorithms. This is what ensures that students receive the best education possible.

ISDI has always been at the forefront of technology in the education sector, being the first business school in the world to issue its students' diplomas with Blockchain technology. Now, with this initiative, he intends to send a message that promotes the use of AI in the educational sector, in which many other educational institutions ignore the possibilities of AI or adopt a defensive or timid attitude towards it.

According to Rodrigo Miranda, Director General of ISDI, “We are facing a change in the focus of the educational model. It is no longer just about answering questions, but about asking them. Hence, the importance for professionals of learning to develop prompts, which are the instructions provided to the AI ​​model so that it generates a logical response. The clearer we are about the problem or opportunity we want to solve and the more sophisticated the question is and the better it is adapted to the algorithm of each AI tool, the more precise and efficient the solution provided by technology will be. We hope that this initiative will serve as an inspiration for all those educational centers that wish to take advantage of the power of Artificial Intelligence.”

ISDI is part of the educational group Digitalent Group, a leader in education in the digital age. Several of the schools in this group offer programs related to Artificial Intelligence: on the one hand ISDI offers the Master's Degree in Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics on its Madrid or Barcelona campuses or the Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics Program in online format, the IEBS digital school offers the Master's Degree in Artificial Intelligence and Industry 4.0 in online format, and finally the official FP center DIGITECH offers an Official Master's Degree in Artificial Intelligence FP in Malaga or in online format.

By the way, this press release has also been developed with the help of AI ;-)