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RELEASE: Interview for Onlypharma, the pharmaceutical and laboratory digital marketing agency

Málaga, October 25, 2023.

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RELEASE: Interview for Onlypharma, the pharmaceutical and laboratory digital marketing agency

Málaga, October 25, 2023.- The technological transformation has impacted all aspects of daily life, including health care. Thanks to digitalization, promoted in Spain by Onlypharma, the way in which the pharmaceutical sector offers its products and services has been improved.

This has allowed pharmacies to expand their reach beyond physical borders and for patients to obtain an optimized experience in terms of access and quality of service. In this interview, it is possible to learn how Onlypharma, experts in digital marketing for pharmacies, laboratories and pharmaceutical distributors, has played a vital role in this transformation, with its specialized solutions in the digital world for the pharmaceutical sector.

What was the motivation behind founding Onlypharma in 2017 and how has the pharmaceutical digital marketing market evolved since then?

In reality, the founding of Onlypharma was driven by the detection of a lack in the pharmaceutical sector rather than by simple motivation. However, the positive response we already obtained in the first visits and contacts quickly became a source of motivation to do things in the best possible way. It was a practically solo trip at first, with the valuable help of my partner and family. As time passed, we specialized in the efficient digitalization of pharmacies, laboratories, distributors and other companies related to the pharmaceutical sector, which led us to gain recognition within the industry.

What differentiates Onlypharma from other digital marketing agencies?

What really sets us apart is our specialization in the pharmaceutical channel and our deep knowledge of the sector. A large part of the team has worked in pharmacies and with pharmaceutical software, which has provided us with unparalleled experience. This specialized knowledge allows us to offer specific and effective solutions for the needs of pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies.

How has your experience in the pharmaceutical sector and the need perceived by pharmacies at that time contributed to the formation of Onlypharma?

We are extremely proud to have positively influenced the pharmaceutical sector. A clear example of this impact is our star service, the accreditation in Distafarma and AEMPS. In the province of Seville, when we started, there were only 3 to 5 accredited pharmacies. In just one year, we managed to accredit almost 50. However, our achievement is not limited to the digitalization of more than 100 pharmacies in just 2 years. Our true success lies in having adapted to price fluctuations, creating valuable content in times of urgency, and designing websites for the sale of over-the-counter medications, all while effectively reaching the patient, even in challenging times like the pandemic.

How do your services help bring pharma businesses into the digital world effectively?

Our services have a humanizing effect by bringing pharmacies and laboratories closer to their clients. Additionally, our pharmaceutical digital marketing audits and strategies help attract and retain customers effectively, generating an excellent return on investment. The methodology we carry out allows our clients to achieve the efficiency necessary to expand in the digital world, allowing them to leave their comfort zone with confidence, supported by our experience. For this, we implement digital marketing techniques that range from the strategy and construction of the digital visual identity, through art direction, graphic and web design, to the management and monitoring of social networks, the creation, development and the maintenance of e-commerce for the online sale of non-prescription medications and the use of tools such as SEO, SEM, and email marketing.

Can you explain what management with AEMPS-Distafarma is and how it benefits pharmacies?

Management with AEMPS-Distafarma is an accreditation that allows pharmacies to sell over-the-counter medications known as OTC exclusively. This means that no other competitors can legally sell these medicines, only accredited pharmacies, providing a significant competitive advantage by allowing them to offer an exclusive range of products.

How important is technology in Onlypharma's strategy and how is it integrated with legislative and management knowledge to ensure safety in the sale of medicines online?

Technology is essential in our strategy, as it is integrated with our deep knowledge of pharmaceutical legislation and management, in a synergistic way. We conduct regular evaluations to analyze project progress, and each department is responsible for assigning tasks using tools like Asana. Our agile methodology allows us to approach projects in an efficient and adaptable manner, which is essential in a regulated and constantly changing environment such as the pharmaceutical industry. Efficient management of internal processes and the use of collaborative platforms are essential to guarantee security in the sale of medicines online. These are medications that do not need a medical prescription.

Onlypharma offers a blog with free resources to digitize and boost online pharmacy sales. Can you provide examples of key tips or strategies you share through this blog?

On the blog we offer valuable resources, such as free downloadable ebooks, that provide information, tools and tips related to digital marketing in the pharmaceutical sector. Some examples include content trends specific to pharmacies, a calendar for planning annual campaigns, key tips for digitizing the sector, and strategies for special events like Black Friday.

What are Onlypharma's plans and goals for the future in terms of expansion or development of new services for the pharmaceutical and laboratory sector?

Our future plans include expansion into the Portuguese and Italian markets, which we consider interesting projects, although our business model is based on word of mouth and recommendations from satisfied clients who have already worked with us. The current objectives are clear: to continue promoting the market niche that pharmacies leave aside by not exploring the online channel, with its e-commerce opportunities, accreditations, social media management, and more. The future of Onlypharma is full of exciting challenges and new projects that we hope to tackle in the coming years.

Onlypharma's story is a testament to how vision and dedication can transform a crucial sector like pharmaceuticals. Their specialized approach and deep knowledge of the industry has allowed them to both successfully digitize numerous pharmacies, set the standard in AEMPS-Distafarma accreditation and improve the experience of thousands of patients. As Onlypharma looks to the future, with plans to expand into international markets and the continued development of specialized services, its impact on the pharmaceutical industry is far from over. Their focus on sustainable growth and adaptation to the changing needs of the sector ensures them a prominent place at the forefront of digital marketing for health and pharmacy.

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