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RELEASE: hohem iSteady M6 - A Professional Smartphone Gimbal with AI Magnetic Tracking and RGB Fill Light

(Information sent by the signatory company).

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RELEASE: hohem iSteady M6 - A Professional Smartphone Gimbal with AI Magnetic Tracking and RGB Fill Light

(Information sent by the signatory company)

SHENZHEN, China, March 15, 2023/PRNewswire/ -- hohem launched a new generation of professional AI auto-tracking smartphone gimbal, the iSteady M6.

iSteady M6 continues to offer a superior AI auto-tracking feature with improvements. hohem was the first to introduce a gimbal with AI auto-tracking magnetic device and RGB fill light. The iSteady V2, which was released in 2021 and featured the AI ​​auto-tracking system, was awarded the coveted Red Dot Design Award in 2022.

Following the upgrade, iSteady M6's AI auto-tracking system is now even more sensitive and fast thanks to its advanced algorithm and axis angle update. There is no need for an additional app to use tracking. You can use auto tracking with simple gestures. It is very useful for solo photo shoots and can help you with all kinds of photo and video shooting on your own. Position the gimbal and make an OK gesture. The gimbal will automatically capture the face and body of the moving person. The gimbal will track agilely even when actions and dance moves are dynamic or during extreme sports conditions. Furthermore, the iSteady M6 AI can not only track the face, but also the overall human form. This way, you can continue to track even if your subjects are wearing a face mask or turning their backs or sides to the gimbal.

Interestingly, the iSteady M6 AI auto-tracking module attaches magnetically and can be effortlessly swapped to shoot with the front or rear cameras. This AI auto tracking system module can be attached magnetically, and it also features a fill light function. Supports two fill light modes, CCT warm and cold lighting, and RGB ambient lighting. This will help you create more creative and high-quality videos.

The axle design of the iSteady M6 has also been improved. Supports unrestricted 360° panoramas: There are no restrictions on panoramas when shooting Infinite Rotation (Inception) video. You can pan as you like. The coverage of the tilt and roll axes has been extended to 335°, allowing a wide degree of freedom for camera movements. And what is more important, in addition to the classic mode (the daily shooting mode), a new ultra-wide angle mode has been added. You can press the shutter button four times when you want to use ultra-wide mode.

In addition, it is equipped with a more powerful motor with higher torque that allows iSteady M6 to carry a load of up to 400g. iSteady M6 charging applies to various high-end smartphones on the market, but it could also accommodate all kinds of accessories. iSteady M6 equips four 1/4 screw expansion ports that can accept a wide range of professional accessories to help you create the best creative work.

iSteady M6 has improved battery life up to 18 hours in stationary mode or 6 hours in full duty mode (with AI auto tracking and fill light enabled). This will alleviate low battery anxiety and satisfy all your long-time shooting needs. What's more, iSteady M6 can be your smartphone's power partner in emergency and can be used as a power bank for smartphone charging.

iSteady M6 is a very powerful and feature packed professional smartphone stabilizer. It has a more specialized structure design and continuously updated innovative features that can alleviate the concerns of content creators. If you're a video content creator or avid smartphone videographer, consider the iSteady M6. We are sure that it will amaze you with its features and allow you to effortlessly create high-quality works.

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