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RELEASE: Guizhou's computing superpower allows The Wandering Earth II to be seen ten years in advance

(Information sent by the signatory company).

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RELEASE: Guizhou's computing superpower allows The Wandering Earth II to be seen ten years in advance

(Information sent by the signatory company)

GUIYANG, China, March 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- A news from Shortly after 9 a.m., a conference room in the data center was packed with attendees. Zhang Xian, project manager of the Engineering Construction Department of China Mobile (Guizhou) Big Data Center, began to talk about a joint review of the design.

The proposed project is the China Mobile (Guizhou) Big Data Center Phase III, which is expected to have an installed capacity of more than 7,000 racks and is scheduled for completion in 2024.

From 2014 to 2019, China Mobile (Guizhou) Big Data Center Phase I and II in Gui'an New Area were completed and put into operation. "Phase II was supposed to take two years to complete, but it was completed in one year, due to the increasing demand for big data and application scenarios," said Zhang Xian.

In 2021, the construction of a national central node (Guizhou) for the development of China's integrated computing power network was approved in Guizhou, becoming an important computing power base of the national "Eastern Digital and Western Computing" project, which then it becomes a new target for the development of the digital economy in Guizhou.

"The center of Guizhou will revolve around Gui'an, which also represents a substantial opportunity for Gui'an. It is a glorious mission and a great responsibility," said Ma Ningyu, Mayor of Guiyang and head of the Guizhou Management Committee. Gui'an New Area.

"From the perspective of computing power development, it is fair to say that Gui'an is the ideal location," he added.

Characterized by a wide distribution of karst landscapes, Guizhou has a stable geological structure and abundant hydropower and coal resources. And more importantly, the annual average temperature in Guizhou is only 14-16℃, which is ideal for reducing the power consumption of data centers.

At present, Guizhou is accelerating the construction of its first national comprehensive big data pilot zone and digital economy development innovation zone. This initiative has led to the construction and operation of 37 key data centers. So far, there are 18 large and ultra-large data centers in Guizhou, including eight ultra-large. This makes Guizhou one of the regions with the highest concentration of large and ultra-large data centers in the world. Guizhou's server transport capacity has reached 2.25 million units, with an average availability rate of 56.5%. This capacity allows the province to be directly connected to the trunk network of 16 provinces and 32 cities throughout the country.

Data centers play a crucial role in improving the overall level of computing power. In the case of post-production and film rendering, they provide the necessary computational support. The Gui'an Supercomputing Center was involved in post-production and rendering of films scheduled for the 2023 Spring Festival, such as The Wandering Earth II, Deep Sea, and Boonie Bears: Guardian Code.

Among them, The Wandering Earth II is considered a milestone in Chinese science fiction film history, and the rendering computing power of Gui'an Supercomputing Center reached an impressive 30%.

"In The Wandering Earth II, there are many images of space infrastructures and combat aircraft that were rendered with high precision using a lot of computing power. The supercomputing center took seven to eight hours to render each frame. Real-time rendering for 24 hours greatly enhanced the visual splendor of the film. Without the help of the supercomputing center, it would take 10 years to produce the film, from rendering to release," said Peng Benqian, deputy director of Gui'an New Technology R&D Department. Area Science

Statistics show that by 2022, Gui'an Supercomputing Center provided cloud rendering computing power to more than 200,000 users from more than 50 countries and regions. The center was involved in the rendering of some 50 film and television productions, totaling approximately 69 million hours in length, including Three-Body, New Gods: Yang Jian, and Ordinary Hero. The average utilization rate of the servers basically reached more than 80%, contributing to about 6.381 million box office and about 115,000 million viewings.

According to Ma Ningyu, Gui'an is accelerating the formation of a collaborative innovation system integrating "cloud, computing, data and network" resources, with computing power as the core of productivity and data as the core factor of production, to build a national computing power support base; and a national clearinghouse for data elements.

In the afternoon, Zhang Xian also discussed with his colleagues some details of the request for proposals and the preparation of technical specifications. "Once construction starts, I will spend most of my time working on site, supervising process and quality, solving problems on site, and reviewing construction progress at the end of each day," said Zhang Xian.

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