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RELEASE: Guanghe New Energy wins the first prize of UNIDO Global Call 2023 in the green hydrogen category


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RELEASE: Guanghe New Energy wins the first prize of UNIDO Global Call 2023 in the green hydrogen category

SHANGHAI, Nov. 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- The Global Call 2023 awards ceremony organized by UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization) was grandly held at the Shanghai International Import Expo on November 6. This competition has as its theme "Clean and smart energy to promote inclusive and sustainable industrial development", covering green hydrogen, energy efficiency and clean energy innovation, seeking technical solutions in the field of clean and smart energy for the world . Guanghe New Energy, with its project "Plasmon Water-to-Hydrogen (W2H) Catalytic Reactor Technology", stood out for its cutting-edge technological advantages, innovative green solutions and global industrial application prospects, and won the first prize in the category of green hydrogen.

Guanghe's award-winning project, "Plasmon Water-to-Hydrogen (W2H) Catalytic Reactor Technology", is a cutting-edge catalytic technology that uses nanoscale surface plasmon resonance to achieve efficient and low-cost hydrogen production. It allows low-quality solar thermal energy or industrial waste heat to be used to split water and produce green hydrogen. Compared with the traditional water electrolysis route, the energy consumption cost of plasmonic green hydrogen production can be reduced by up to 50%, with a cost as low as $0.6/kg when widely deployed. scale. Furthermore, Guanghe New Energy's plasmonic hydrogen production technology is environmentally friendly, highly resistant to fluctuations, and easy to combine with various industrial scenarios. It currently occupies a leading position in this field worldwide. This technology can also be applied in the CCUS field to capture carbon dioxide and water from the air and convert them into green natural gas in a single step, achieving a carbon-free renewable energy production and utilization cycle.

Nowadays, solving global energy security problems has become a common responsibility of the international community. The fourth industrial revolution promotes the deep integration of science, technology and global industries. Guanghe is committed to the research and development of artificial photosynthesis technology to achieve highly efficient and low-cost green energy manufacturing, helping to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, accelerate the global green energy transformation and jointly develop a "net zero" plan.

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