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RELEASE: Gourmet Talent: women who transform human resources management in the hospitality industry

(Information sent by the signatory company).

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RELEASE: Gourmet Talent: women who transform human resources management in the hospitality industry

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Madrid, March 6

In hospitality, the shortage of qualified personnel, turnover and increasing demand complicate team building. With this context and within the framework of Women's Day, we celebrate the outstanding work of women like Beatriz Gorozarri, founder of Talento Gourmet, who has made a difference in human resource management in the hospitality sector, offering an innovative model for personnel management, achieving positive impact in restaurant groups in Madrid in just 5 years

Talento Gourmet is a company that addresses the challenges of hospitality recruitment through personalized strategies, focusing on optimal working conditions to promote productivity and reduce turnover in the sector. Identification with the business philosophy is key in evaluating candidates, creating environments specific job searches and personalizing searches to find profiles aligned with the values ​​of each company. Committed to diversity and inclusion, Talento Gourmet contributes to society by helping people at risk of social exclusion find employment and collaborating with associations to support profiles in difficult situations in the labor market. Adapting to current talent management trends, Talento Gourmet focuses its strategies on worker happiness, humanization and personalization of the sector, with the aim of improving work environments and increasing productivity. To combat employee turnover personal, Talento Gourmet generates personalized tools that improve work environments, help workers identify with the company's values ​​and apply training measures and incentive plans, managing to significantly reduce turnover ratios. The story of Beatriz Gorozarri, founder of Talento Gourmet, reflects an international career and a passion for human resources management. With ten years of experience in large hospitality groups, Beatriz identified the deficit in the search for personnel and decided to found Talento Gourmet, managing to contribute to the success of numerous openings in Madrid. Beatriz highlights the importance of personal connection in people management, believing in the humanization of human resources to obtain the best performance from each worker. Her leadership is reflected in fundamental values, such as the vocation to improve the sector, the customization of HR tools. H H. and creating satisfactory work environments for each client. "The happiness of the worker in the performance of their job," he highlights, "is a synonym for productivity and is also a priority for Talento Gourmet."About Talento Gourmet  Talento Gourmet is a leader in the transformation of human resources management in the hospitality sector. , stands out for its innovative and personalized approach. With a history of five years, the company has been responsible for many of the most significant openings in Madrid, working hand in hand with large groups that share its unique vision of improving work environments. Talento Gourmet is distinguished by its commitment to worker happiness, reducing staff turnover and creating specific tools for each client, providing solutions adapted to the unique needs of each business model in the hospitality industry. Transmitter:

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