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RELEASE: From Indonesia to Switzerland: EIGER Adventure's eco-trip celebrates a year of excellence

(Information sent by the signatory company).

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RELEASE: From Indonesia to Switzerland: EIGER Adventure's eco-trip celebrates a year of excellence

(Information sent by the signatory company)

With a commitment to sustainability and Indonesian craftsmanship, EIGER Adventure is thriving among Swiss outdoor enthusiasts. Building on this success, the brand announces its expansion plan to bring high-quality, eco-friendly products to the vibrant Southeast Asian market.

INTERLAKEN, Switzerland, April 17, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- EIGER Adventure, the renowned Indonesian brand of eco-friendly outdoor equipment, commemorates a year of triumph since its arrival in Switzerland. Reflecting on its remarkable journey of growth and recognition, EIGER reaffirms its commitment to sustainability and promoting Indonesian excellence, solidifying its position as a preferred brand for outdoor enthusiasts.

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EIGER Adventure, known for its high-quality outdoor clothing and equipment, has become a household name among locals and tourists in Switzerland. From bags and hats to pencil cases, travel bags and backpacks, EIGER's diverse range of products has resonated strongly with customers, establishing its store in Switzerland as the ideal destination for premium outdoor gear.

Jason Wuysang, Chief Marketing Officer of EIGER, which provides high-quality outdoor clothing and equipment for outdoor enthusiasts, emphasizes the brand's dedication to upholding the principles of environmental sustainability. "EIGER believes that promoting sustainable practices is paramount to creating responsible and fulfilling adventure experiences," said Wuysang.

To further promote the excellence of Indonesian products in Switzerland, EIGER continues to launch innovative marketing campaigns. The brand engages local communities with attractive vouchers distributed in restaurants and mailboxes in the neighboring Interlaken area. "We have had the pleasure of interacting with Indonesian expatriates and tourists visiting Interlaken, including the vespa community, who have shown immense interest in our products. In the future, we plan to expand our reach to cycling, hiking, paragliding and other active communities in Switzerland, as well as in popular tourist establishments," explained Wuysang.

EIGER heads to Southeast Asia with sustainable outdoor gear

Building on its European success, EIGER is leveraging further expansion by strengthening its banner in Southeast Asia with a new store in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Their goal is to become a global leader in sustainable outdoor equipment.

"We are excited to connect with new communities that share our passion for adventure. By expanding into Southeast Asia, EIGER aims to empower more adventurers with high-quality, eco-conscious gear, fostering a love of exploration and minimizing our impact Furthermore, we are also committed to continuing our championing of the beauty and quality of Indonesian craftsmanship, ensuring a lasting legacy in the global outdoor industry that inspires future generations," concluded Wuysang.

About EIGER Adventure

EIGER Adventures offers high quality outdoor clothing and equipment for outdoor enthusiasts. EIGER offers adventurers three main product categories: Mountaineering, Horse Riding and Authentic 1989, aimed at climbers, cyclists and hikers who love classic and elegant designs. In addition to focusing on outdoor activities, EIGER prioritizes environmental sustainability and social responsibility, aiming to educate and inspire people about green living, expedition and responsibility.

Media Contact: Shulhan Rijal EIGER Adventure PR Director

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