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RELEASE: Experiencing the scientific revolution in skin care is now possible thanks to IBSA Derma

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RELEASE: Experiencing the scientific revolution in skin care is now possible thanks to IBSA Derma

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Profhilo® Haenkenium Antioxidant Cream from IBSA Derma protects, hydrates and reduces visible signs of aging, such as wrinkles, while restoring firmness and elasticity to the skin

Barcelona, ​​April 4, 2024.- Unlocking cellular potential for renewed beauty is possible thanks to research and fundamental understanding of cellular vitality and its impact on both the health and beauty of the skin. All these characteristics are brought together in the multi-action antioxidant cream Profhilo® Haenkenium from IBSA's dermoaesthetic division, IBSA Derma. This product is the culmination of years of scientific innovation, designed to maintain and remodel the skin at the cellular level. A pioneering approach in cellular vitalityProfhilo® Haenkenium® not only treats the visible signs of aging, but dives into the very essence of cellular vitality. Thanks to the unique combination of cutting-edge antioxidants, it protects and strengthens the skin from its core. Precise remodeling of the Face, Neck and DécolletéThrough the application of advanced active ingredients, the cream infiltrates the dermal layers, actively remodeling the contour of the face, neck and décolleté. Optimizing the firmness and elasticity of the skin, while micro wrinkles are addressed with molecular precision. Scientifically proven results 1-2 Clinical studies carried out by IBSA Derma have conclusively demonstrated the effectiveness of this formula, in addition to an improvement significant in the quality of the skin, with the visible reduction of wrinkles (30%) and the restoration of skin firmness and elasticity (9%), it also increases the antioxidant potential by 50%. In addition, it protects the skin against aging. premature caused by oxidative stress factors (pollution, excess exposure to UV radiation, poor diet, smoking, etc.) and restores the protective barrier of sensitive and stressed skin, which appears irritated and red as a consequence of oxidative stress or after dermo-aesthetic treatments.Innovation in compositionAll ingredients have been meticulously selected for their ability to penetrate skin barriers and receive specific cellular responses ranging from antioxidants to bioactive peptides to strengthen the skin from within, restoring its protective function and reinforcing its natural renewal. Contains cooperative hybrid complexes of high and low molecular weight. High molecular weight hyaluronic acid protects the skin, restores and preserves the integrity of the hydrolipid barrier. The low molecular weight helps maintain optimal hydration of the skin, thanks to its hydrophilic characteristics. The patented dry extract of Salvia Haenkei, Haenkenium®, delays the degradation of hyaluronic acid caused by free radicals, prolonging its beneficial action on the skin. fur. It acts as a barrier against free radicals, which cause oxidative stress and premature cellular senescence (Salvia Haenkei contains an aging suppressor and reduces cellular senescence by 50%3). In this way, it is possible to improve skin care. skin to new heights of scientific excellence from IBSA Derma

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