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RELEASE: Eilat Introduces World's First Sunscreen Formulated To Feed Endangered Coral Reefs

'Reef Relief' help reverse the trend of coral bleaching.

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RELEASE: Eilat Introduces World's First Sunscreen Formulated To Feed Endangered Coral Reefs

'Reef Relief' help reverse the trend of coral bleaching

EILAT, Israel, April 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Eilat, the resort city of the State of Israel, introduces the world's first sunscreen scientifically formulated to not only protect skin from UV rays, but to nourish and nourish the endangered coral reefs.

Eilat is home to the ecological wonder of the planet's northernmost shallow-water reef and is passionate about protecting it and other coral reefs. Coral is seriously threatened by climate change, pollution and other human activities, and an estimated 14,000 tons of sunscreen end up in the oceans each year. Up to 80% of ordinary sunscreens contain chemicals that contribute to coral bleaching and reef death.

While some manufacturers have begun removing harmful chemicals like oxybenzone, Reef Relief goes above and beyond any other sunscreen on the planet to protect coral reefs and help them thrive.

Marine and skin care specialists have developed a new formula based on a titanium dioxide-based non-nano mineral sunscreen. The base formula is ecocert compliant and has undergone extensive aquatic safety testing, including c. elegans, freshwater fish, saltwater fish, and coral larvae. Added Reef Nutritional Formula is a custom blend of FDA compliant trace minerals that coral farmers use to feed and support healthy coral growth.

Giovanni Giallongo, a marine biologist at Ben Gurion University of the Negev in Eilat, said: "Developing a sunscreen that not only does not harm coral, but has the potential to feed and nourish our reefs, is an important step. towards the protection and conservation of our oceans. Reef Relief could contribute to the health of both underwater and terrestrial communities."

Reef Relief sunscreen also introduces the world to another first, an entirely new certification, not just SPF, but RPF: Reef Protection Factor.

There are more and more products claiming to be "reef friendly" or "reef safe", but the lack of regulation in this area means that consumers are easily deceived. The new RPF brand is expected to become an industry standard and spread beyond Israel, throughout the world, helping consumers make responsible choices.

Giallongo added: "It's a way to identify sunscreens that really care for corals. An RPF brand as an industry standard – this could be a game changer."

The state city of Eilat is committed to environmental sustainability and has proven to be a fertile ground for RD in aquaculture, biotechnology, and renewable and sustainable energy.

Eilat hopes this latest initiative will help protect one of the most valuable ecosystems on the planet and attract new eco-conscious tourists to explore the stunning reefs of the Red Sea in areas such as Coral Beach Nature Reserve and Dolphin Reef. Reef Relief is currently in the consumer testing phase.

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