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RELEASE: Economic expert Amine Saoudi Hassani explains how they affect corporate finance

(Information sent by the signatory company).

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RELEASE: Economic expert Amine Saoudi Hassani explains how they affect corporate finance

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Spain, March 17, 2023.

Corporate finance is essential in every organization and focuses particularly on the financial aspects necessary for decision-making for the benefit of all administrative and operational work of companies or organizations. These are finances that seek to promote actions that favor the corporation. Amine Saoudi Hassani, economic expert comments on these finances and why they are important today

Corporate finance belongs to a branch of finance that focuses on the financing of a company, as well as on the realization of the capital structure and the decision-making necessary for investment. "Over time, they have begun to add new application methods, according to how new alternatives for the management of business resources have been proposed," says Amine Saoudi Hassani. In this sense, when companies start their operations, They need administrators who can take charge of the organization of the purchase of raw materials, management of the customer chain and control of the workforce. For each of these aspects, corporate finance plays a key role. According to finance expert Amine Saoudi Hassani, "Corporate Finance is a fundamental tool for companies, since it focuses on making investment decisions with the aim of maximize partner returns. These have three important roles. First, Corporate Finance works in an informative way by providing accurate and detailed information about the financial situation of the company. This is achieved by making financial records that show the reality of the entity. Second, they play a decisive role. That is, the financial reports mentioned above are carefully analyzed to make informed investment decisions. Finally, they have an executive function by carrying out the projects that are considered to be effectively beneficial for the company, executing the chosen strategies. In conclusion, they are a valuable tool for companies seeking to maximize their partners' investment and make informed, strategic decisions for long-term growth and success. "Corporate finance plays an important role in asset investment," according to the finance expert, Amine Saoudi Hassani. The relationship between the two focuses on providing tools to recover the investments made through the sale of products or services in which the company specializes. To achieve this, finance experts must develop effective buying and selling strategies that are reflected in the balance sheets of the company and reflect the cash value created. Amine Saoudi Hassani explains that "for corporate finance to exist, it is essential that there be a legal constitution whose main vision is to satisfy human needs through the production of certain products and services." In addition, Amine Saoudi Hassani highlights the importance of " identify the differences within corporate finance, divided into two categories: working capital and capital structure". Working capital refers to the resources that the company needs to meet its obligations and function properly. On the other hand, the capital structure is related to the development of the long-term productive capacity of the company. In short, corporate finance is essential to maximize investment and achieve the long-term success of companies through the implementation of effective buying and selling strategies, and the correct management of working capital and capital structure.

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