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RELEASE: Earth Hour 2023: SANY Emphasizes Electrification Development to Build a Green Future

- Earth Hour 2023: SANY stresses the development of electrification and promotes the hydrogen roadmap to build a green future.

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RELEASE: Earth Hour 2023: SANY Emphasizes Electrification Development to Build a Green Future

- Earth Hour 2023: SANY stresses the development of electrification and promotes the hydrogen roadmap to build a green future

BEIJING, March 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Millions of people around the world will turn off during Earth Hour on March 25 to join one of the world's largest movements for environmental protection. SANY Group ("SANY"), a world leader in the manufacture of heavy machinery, addresses global climate challenges and its commitment to the planet by advancing the development of electrification, by promoting a roadmap for energy utilization of hydrogen.

The climate crisis has catalyzed the global transition to clean and new energy. Although electric vehicles are becoming widespread, energy transformation is still limited by fossil fuels, which are not very respectful of the environment. To free itself from this dependency, SANY is paving new paths through scientific research.

Green and Beyond: SANY's Hydrogen Roadmap to Power a Clean Future

SANY has set itself the ambitious goal of becoming China's largest provider of integrated hydrogen solutions in five years and leading the global transformation of the industry, and is mapping out a comprehensive hydrogen industrial chain covering green production, storage, transportation and refueling equipment.

The group's hydrogen power subsidiary, SANY Hydrogen, will focus on elevating core technology innovation and achieving a closed supply chain across the industry ecosystem to support China's 2030/2060 "double carbon" targets.

In March, SANY Hydrogen signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Guangtai Hydrogen Energy for Shanghai's first 2,000kg hydrogen refueling station, taking advantage of SANY's technological advantages to supply vehicle logistics disposition and energy demand for the hydrogen refueling from Guangtai Hydrogen Energy.

The station plans to install three 35 MPa dual metering hydrogen jet units with an average hydrogen refueling rate of 2 kg/min. Upon completion, it will meet the hydrogen refueling demand of 300 logistics vehicles of different tonnages and support Guangtai Hydrogen Energy's cold chain logistics operations in the Yangtze River Delta region.

The explosion protection level of the station will reach IICT4, with excellent safety measures including automatic control of the hydrogenation process, hydrogen leak detection, alarm and shutdown to ensure worry-free operation, especially in harsh environments. with a temperature range between -20 and 55 degrees Celsius.

In 2020, SANY launched the world's first hydrogen fuel cell concrete mixer truck and dump truck at its Shaoyang Lighthouse factory, marking the group's first step into the "hydrogen era." In 2022, SANY established the first integrated hydrogen production and hydrogenation station in Hunan Province, and delivered the first batch of hydrogen fuel cell heavy-duty trucks to Yueyang City.

Electrified highway: anchoring the future of heavy-duty road transport

China's first electrified expressway demonstration line, jointly built by SANY, CRRC Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Research Institute and Tsinghua University, was recently completed in Zhuzhou, Hunan province. This milestone opens a new path for the transport of heavy cargo by road.

SANY has designed, developed and manufactured the vehicles as well as the core systems, and owns all intellectual property rights.

The demonstration line is bidirectional and two-lane with a road width of 7 meters, it has installed 53 pillars and a box-type substation to support the 1.8-kilometre contact network. The electrified highway offers a wide range of road condition scenarios to test vehicle performance, including ramps, bumpy, forded and sodden roads.

With an overhead network similar to that of rail transit, the electrified highway is fed directly from the overhead network for "charge while driving." Compared with pure electric heavy-duty trucks that run on electric batteries, the new vehicle can avoid the effects of low temperatures and increase energy efficiency by 6%.

As Earth Hour draws attention to climate change, SANY is committed to tackling these challenges with concrete actions and boosting the development of its hydrogen energy portfolio to build a greener future for the planet.

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