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RELEASE: CEN Comprehensive Care raises the standard of care by combining physical well-being with emotional support

(Information sent by the signatory company).

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RELEASE: CEN Comprehensive Care raises the standard of care by combining physical well-being with emotional support

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Madrid, February 8, 2024.- CEN Cares Integrales, a leading provider of home care services in Madrid, has taken a step forward by considering that in its services, emotional support and support are just as important as the qualifications of its caregivers. emotional support perceived by the people to care for and their families.

This approach seeks to ensure comprehensive care and provide peace of mind and balance to families, allowing them authentic connections and creating sincere bonds. Every day, more families look for alternatives that improve the care their loved ones receive, ensuring warm and meaningful attention.

The importance of being special

In the constant pursuit of providing exceptional care for our seniors, CEN highlights the importance of emotional support and genuine relationships. Beyond meeting physical needs, we believe in nurturing emotional well-being as an essential part of comprehensive care.

The Human Approach of CEN Comprehensive Care

We embrace a human approach that goes beyond simple care tasks. Our team is committed to establishing real connections with residents, fostering an environment of trust and understanding. We value the uniqueness of each individual and strive to provide care that reflects our dedication to holistic well-being.

Benefits of Emotional Support

It not only positively impacts mental health, but also influences physical well-being. We recognize the interconnection between emotional and physical health, and we strive to create an environment that promotes both aspects. Person-centered care not only treats physical symptoms, but also seeks to alleviate worries, thereby contributing to a fuller quality of life.

Testimonies from the García Family

Heartwarming stories from families who have experienced the magic of authentic connections with our caregivers. These experiences highlight how emotional support has made a difference in the lives of our elders, evidencing the importance of authentic relationships in the aging process.

"The experience with CEN Cares Integrales has been truly transformative for our family, especially for our dear mother. The difference was immediately evident.

The caregiver assigned to our mother not only performs her tasks diligently, but has managed to establish a deep and warm connection that has illuminated Mom's daily life. The warmth of their relationship has exceeded our expectations and has made a huge difference in Mom's quality of life.

Every day, we see how the caregiver not only fulfills her professional duties, but goes further, offering great emotional support. The relationship between them is authentic, based on empathy and genuine affection. This closeness has created an environment of trust that has allowed our mother to feel safer and accompanied at all times.

We are grateful for CEN's dedication to providing not only physical care, but also prioritizing the importance of genuine relationships and emotional support. We enthusiastically recommend CEN's services to those seeking not only professional care, but also the warmth and human connection that truly make a difference."

About CEN Comprehensive Care

In a world where care often focuses on the physical, with our care we have chosen to highlight the need for comprehensive care that encompasses both physical and emotional health. We believe that support, as well as genuine relationships, are essential for healthy and happy aging. At CEN, we are committed to continuing to lead with empathy, understanding and human care.

For us, this type of support for our elders is essential. Our team not only cares for your physical needs, but also forms authentic relationships and provides invaluable emotional support.

Issuer: CEN Comprehensive Care

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