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RELEASE: Byoode reissues the iconic song 'Maquillaje' by Nacho Cano to raise social awareness

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RELEASE: Byoode reissues the iconic song 'Maquillaje' by Nacho Cano to raise social awareness

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Madrid, March 16, 2023.

This hit from the 80s sees its lyrics modified. The reason? Byoode, a new cosmetic firm, wants to raise awareness in society so that it takes more and better care of its skin, nourishing it and avoiding excess makeup that can disguise its personality

It's been seeing months. Instagram profiles such as 'Fake Beauty' promote the importance of showing real faces, without masking, alluding to the fact that people's natural skin has imperfections. This fact is supported by the dynamics promoted by great artists, as is the case of Alicia Keys, who put makeup aside years ago and now walks the red carpets with her skin bare, in the same way that Sara Sálamo did recently in the Goya. Is living a change of social paradigm? Yes. "People have gained personality and security and know how to find beauty in imperfection, especially in those imperfections that are common to all mortals, such as showing a pimple from time to time or looking that little wrinkle when smiling," says Gerardo Peña, director of brand marketing at Byoode, a firm that, precisely, makes an ode to this naturalness at its launch. Mecano Makeup, reissued If there are iconic songs within 80s Spanish pop , surely the song 'Maquillaje' by Mecano is one of the ones that tops the most lists. Created by the genius Nacho Cano, Byoode reissued his lyrics in favor of the importance of naturalness and skin care, the largest organ in the human body. Under the claim Do you make up or do you eat?, Byoode intends to highlight in the video, which can be seen on his YouTube channel, the importance of nourishing the skin, a play on words that links to the ingredients of his face products to present healthy, radiant and luminous skin. It is not a campaign that intends to insult makeup, since the firm defends that "they love it" when they see "healthy faces that provide a spark of trend with a color or a blush". A campaign without filters 'Do you make up or do you feed ?' goes hand in hand with certain controversies such as the one that has recently arisen on TikTok around the Bold Glamor filter: "a make-up with all of the law". It is a make-over of the face that, although it does not alter it in its entirety, modifies it just enough to make someone look more attractive. From here arises the debate about whether this type of action is beneficial, since it can lead to a misconception about beauty and to think that one is not perfect as Mother Nature has made one. Byoode's 'Make up or feed' campaign defends the fact of feeding the skin to be able to show it off proudly and resplendent. For those who want to listen to it, the song is also available on Spotify under the title 'Makeup' and the artist 'Byoode Beauty'.

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