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RELEASE: Buying reviews on Google to improve online reputation, with Weeqfy

Madrid, October 30, 2023.

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RELEASE: Buying reviews on Google to improve online reputation, with Weeqfy

Madrid, October 30, 2023.- Online reputation is a fundamental element for the survival and growth of a company. A study released in 2022 revealed that 94% of consumers admit that positive online reviews influence their decisions. That is, positively valued products are more likely to be sold.

According to the specialized firm Weeqfy, it also favors better SEO positioning, since search engines reward well-rated sites. For this reason, companies like this have emerged, with which you can buy reviews on Google to improve the reputation of a brand or company.

Weeqfy is a company founded in 2014 dedicated to selling Google reviews. The goal is to help companies achieve and maintain a positive reputation on the internet. They assure that with their work they earn the trust of their potential clients.

This is a remote team with offices in Spain, the United Kingdom, the United States, the Philippines, Indonesia and Australia. They serve clients with the premises of transparency, integration and technological advancement. These marketing experts maintain that a good reputation has the same power as an advertising strategy, making people better appreciate a brand.

In this mission, buying reviews on Google is one of the most effective strategies. These reviews consist of positive comments that users make about a company or brand. This must have a listing on Google Maps, which comes, in turn, from Google My Business.

To buy reviews on Google, companies have packages that fit your different needs and budgets. The possibility of offering alternatives that this firm has opened arises from the previous experience that its promoters had. They saw an absence of reliable services in this regard in the market.

Regarding how to buy reviews on Google, Weegfy experts maintain that it is very important to combine the acquisition of these reviews with real opinions. They clarify that when a business is starting, you can choose to purchase positive Google reviews. Subsequently, you must carry out campaigns with your clients to obtain their ratings.

These will join the purchased ones and will serve to protect the company's profile on Google My Business against possible attacks against its reputation. While that happens, positive reviews will have a positive impact on local SEO positioning. They will help to achieve greater visibility, obtain the first places on search engine maps. With this, image and trust will be strengthened compared to competing brands.


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