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RELEASE: Almost half of couples break up because of disgust and hobbies, according to

(Information sent by the signatory company).

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RELEASE: Almost half of couples break up because of disgust and hobbies, according to

(Information sent by the signatory company)

A survey carried out by the luxury dating platform, among the strangest reasons stand out: putting on a "baby voice", crappy tattoos, having an Instagram account for your pet or clapping when a plane lands

According to a survey of 2,000 people, almost half (49%) have ended a relationship because of "disgust or craze" and 56% have stood up on a date for this reason.One eighth of Most respondents (12%) have ended a romantic relationship because they were obsessed with the signs of the zodiac, while 11% have ended with someone who applauded when a plane landed. A tenth of men would also consider breaking up with someone who would like to share a meal on the first date and 14% of women hate when their partner refers to their football team as "we". The study was commissioned from OnePoll by the dating up platform, whose Dating expert Emma Hathorn said: "People are very clear about what they want, which is encouraging. Online dating has opened up a whole new world of singles, which means people can afford to have higher standards. If someone who is absolutely decisive for you If you never wear sunglasses inside the house or chew with your mouth open, you have every right to say so." According to the study, 16% of those surveyed consider that smelling bad is the most unpleasant thing. They are followed by pretending to know more than they really do and being arrogant or rude (15%). However, 53% of respondents did not explain to their partner what had bothered them before leaving. In addition, 36% believe that they could have "grossed" someone and this made them feel terrible. Two-thirds (67%) describe themselves as at least somewhat picky when it comes to finding a partner, and 22% are "very picky". And 61% believe that they deserve the best, which is why they try to raise the bar when looking for a partner. However, 15% believe that when looking for a partner, one is never too demanding. Almost four out of 10 (35%) believe that their level of demand when looking for a partner has increased with age, with those over 65 being the most likely to think so. The study also revealed that 65% would judge negatively to someone who wanted to share the bill for the meal, especially if he was the one who proposed the date. 60% would criticize the place chosen for the first date if it did not meet their expectations. When looking for a potential partner, 28% say that salary is the most important thing, followed by 19% who prefer a good sense of style and fashion. However, the same number of adults believe that dating becomes more difficult with increasing age, as despite 28% being completely set on dating someone who exactly matches their preferences. Emma Hathorn adds: "As with all things in life, it's all about finding the exact balance that works for you, and this can be complicated if one is total inflexible mind when it comes to the people you date. Keeping an open mind is key, and you just might find someone who elevates your life in every possible way, even if they wear horrible shoes."The 40 Things That Make Couples Most Disgusting or Mania1. Smelling bad2. Pretending you know it more of something than you really know 3. Being pushy and rude 4. "They send you a second text if they didn't text you back" 5. Having bad teeth 6. Being rude to a waiter 7. Living disorderly 8. Having fingernails 9 Chewing with your mouth open 10 Being too sticky 11 Talking too loud 12 Eating and talking at the same time 13 Being obsessed with your zodiac signs 14 Having long fingernails 15 Putting on a baby voice 16 Wearing too much makeup 17 Breathing hard Difficulty 18. Sharing too much on social media 19. Referring to themselves in the third person 20. Having a bad tattoo 21. Wearing an odd color lipstick 22. Having shoes that are too dirty 23. Having an account of Instagram for your pet24. Referring to their soccer team as 'we'25. Applaud when a plane lands26. Wear jeans in poor condition27. Wearing sunglasses indoors28. "Take longer than you to get ready"29. Wearing too many shirt buttons undone30. "Wearing shoes that you don't like"31. Living in the parents' house32. Not wearing socks with shoes33. Wanting to share food on the first date34. Wearing a tacky watch35. Using emojis in text messages36. Wear socks to bed37. Not paying on the first appointment38. Wear wrinkled clothes39. Say affectionate names like 'honey' or 'baby'40. Mispronouncing the name of a famous singer. About SEEKING.COM: With more than 44 million users worldwide, creates a community where singles can find relationships aligned with their tastes and passions by fostering a frank and honest communication to enjoy a superior dating experience.ContactContact name: Press Seeking.comContact description: Press Seeking.comContact phone: 1 702 859 0918