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PSOE and Junts plan to announce Sánchez's investiture agreement this Thursday

The amnesty law is scheduled to be presented next week.

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PSOE and Junts plan to announce Sánchez's investiture agreement this Thursday

The amnesty law is scheduled to be presented next week

The PSOE and Junts plan to announce this Thursday the agreement for the investiture of the acting president of the Government and PSOE candidate for re-election, Pedro Sánchez, as negotiation sources have explained to Europa Press.

The announcement, if there is no last-minute unforeseen event, will take place after days of long and intense negotiations between both parties, which in recent days have focused on resolving some differences in the wording of the amnesty law and defining its scope.

The objective was to ensure that the law had no cracks and could pass the parliamentary process and the examination to which it would foreseeably be subjected by the Constitutional Court.

Thus, the aforementioned sources have explained that the amnesty law is planned to be presented next week.

Socialist sources have assured that they continue speaking with the Junts negotiating team and that they will continue to do so "throughout the night."

Although the negotiations with Junts started a long time ago, they accelerated after the agreement announced between the socialists and ERC last week, which contemplated an amnesty law, the continuity of the negotiating table, the comprehensive transfer of Rodalies and a condonation of part of the Autonomous Liquidity Fund (FLA), which corresponds to 15,000 million euros.

The same day that said agreement was announced, the former president of the Generalitat Carles Puigdemont convened the Junts leadership in Belgium and then it seemed that the Junts agreement with the PSOE was close, but it was not like that.

The Secretary of Organization of the PSOE, Santos Cerdán, traveled to Brussels days ago to try to close the agreement as soon as possible, given that the socialists wanted to hold the investiture plenary session throughout this week.

However, the negotiation and exchange of documents has dragged on until now because Puigdemont was not willing to give in on certain issues, among which is the fact that the amnesty included those affected by the 'Volhov' case, which is being investigated by the alleged diversion of public funds for activities linked to the independence process.


One of those affected in that case is the head of the former president's office, Josep Lluís Alay, Puigdemont's right-hand man, but they also wanted the amnesty to include other names, such as that of his lawyer, Gonzalo Boye, and that of the former president of the Parliament and president of Junts, Laura Borràs.

They also asked for the figure of an "international mediator" and thus go beyond the verifier agreed between socialists and republicans, with a presence at a party table and not at the negotiation table between governments.

Both parties have been forced to negotiate before the deadline that would entail the scenario of a repeat election - November 27 - expired.