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PSOE and Junts agree to act under "negotiation and agreement" and in a "responsible" manner

MADRID, 9 Nov.

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PSOE and Junts agree to act under "negotiation and agreement" and in a "responsible" manner


PSOE and Junts have agreed to bet "on negotiation and agreement" in the "resolution of conflicts", as stated in the agreement for the investiture of Pedro Sánchez signed this Thursday in Brussels by both parties. They have also committed to acting in a "responsible" manner.

The text, signed by the Secretary of Organization of the PSOE, Santos Cerdán and the Secretary General of Junts, Jordi Turull, admits the existence of "deep divergences" that have given rise to a conflict "that only politics in democracy can channel to seek a solution" because six years later "the underlying issue remains unresolved.

In this sense, they commit to seeking "a political and negotiated solution to the conflict", as they define it, despite the fact that there are "structural discrepancies" between the parties and despite the distance that separates both national projects.

"PSOE and Junts assume that based on the result of the general elections on July 23, there is an opportunity that they must and have the will to take advantage of responsibly," they point out. They then indicate that the resolution must be "negotiated and agreed upon" and therefore it is up to the actors to whom the polls have given this possibility to try.

"For this reason, PSOE and Junts are committed to negotiation and agreements as a method of conflict resolution and agree to seek a set of pacts that contribute to resolving the historical conflict over the political future of Catalonia," they indicate below.

Likewise, they point out that the agreements reached must respond to the "majority demands" of the Parliament of Catalonia "in accordance with the Statute" which has the character of an organic law, and legitimately represents the people of Catalonia, as they emphasize.

The agreement, therefore, indicates that both parties will act based on the negotiation and the agreement without mentioning the renunciation of unilaterality, one of the issues that were on the table and that the socialist party could demand from Junts.