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One of the daughters of the Colmenar doctor denounced the mistreatment out of fear of her notes: "There was going to be a party"

The mother denies that her husband mistreated the children and requests that the restraining order be withdrawn.

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One of the daughters of the Colmenar doctor denounced the mistreatment out of fear of her notes: "There was going to be a party"

The mother denies that her husband mistreated the children and requests that the restraining order be withdrawn

One of the daughters of the Colmenar Viejo doctor arrested for alleged ill-treatment denounced the situation she was experiencing with her seven siblings at school the same day that she was given her grades for the second term for fear of three failures.

"He told me a day before that there was going to be a party with the notes", a phrase that he would have interpreted as beatings and that he revealed during his exploration in court through what is called preconstituted evidence, legal sources have informed Europa Press.

His mother, who was also arrested and is free with charges, denies her husband's alleged ill-treatment against her eight children and against herself, calling the accusations made by the minors "uncertain".

The Civil Guard arrested the couple at the end of March for alleged mistreatment of the children, who were forced to "live badly" in a room, being prohibited from stepping on the living room. The minors were punished by physical abuse or by leaving them out in the open in the patio of the house.

The case is handled by a Violence against Women judge from Colmenar on the occasion of the alleged mistreatment of the woman, an extreme that she denies and in which the Madrid Prosecutor's Office acts ex officio.

The couple is free with charges and the doctor has a restraining order regarding his wife. Said precautionary measure was requested by the prosecutor since the mother has renounced the prosecution against her partner.

The mother's defense has asked the court to lift that measure, since her client denies having been subjected to physical and psychological abuse and maintains that the accusations of the minors are "uncertain".

In the same case, the judge handles the issue related to minors, whose testimony is being carried out through what is called preconstituted evidence. The magistrate withdrew their parental authority and now they are under guardianship in a center of the Community of Madrid.

The preconstituted test in minors is carried out in what is known as Gesell Chambers, a special room in the courts conditioned to avoid the secondary victimization of minors. This evidence is reproduced at trial and thus the vulnerable victims are spared from having to recall what they experienced.

For now, the judge has heard the story of one of the girls and the exploration of another of the minors will be carried out shortly. Apparently, her minor accused her father of mistreating her and her two other brothers, as well as abusing her and another minor of hers. The girl would have commented that she now leads the life she dreamed of receiving pay and being able to go out with her friends, according to the same sources.


The case started after one of the girls told at school that she and her brothers were abused by their parents. According to the same sources, the minor's complaint occurred just the day she was given the notes for the month of March.

Apparently, his father told him a day before that "there was going to be a party" when he received the notes, which he interpreted as beatings. The minor failed three subjects and she decided to tell her teachers what she was supposedly living in her house.

On March 20, the Colmenar Judicial Police Team carried out an entry and search of the home. The Duty Prosecutor, Guardian Agents of the Local Police of Colmenar Viejo, Social Services and agents of the Women's Minor Team (EMUME) of the Madrid Command also participated in said search.

As a result of these facts, a detailed study of the family environment of the alleged victim was carried out, also contrasting the data with the guardian agents of the Local Police and Social Services of Colmenar Viejo. All this made it possible to discover that in addition to the young woman there were seven other minors who could also be victims of domestic violence.

The minors used to constantly miss class, the school absences being justified by the father, who works as a doctor in a Madrid hospital. It was then that surveillance was established in the vicinity of the family home, where the suspicions confirmed the misgivings of the investigators.


The house was in a state of unsanitary conditions in all rooms with the exception of the father's office. Of the two existing bathrooms, only one of them was used, being dirty and full of belongings.

The kitchen presented a "deplorable" appearance, uncleaned and in a terrible sanitary and hygienic situation. A large number of hospital uniforms (gowns, operating room suits), hospital supplies (gloves, masks, gauze, medicines) were found, of which at first they could not prove their legal origin, so the male is investigated for a crime of theft