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NOTICE: Approve the oppositions to Administrative Assistant with MasterD

(Information sent by the signatory company).

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NOTICE: Approve the oppositions to Administrative Assistant with MasterD

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Zaragoza, February 13, 2024.- Around people there are a large number of public buildings: the City Hall, the Provincial Delegation, the courts, hospitals, Social Security, Treasury, Education headquarters, and a long etcetera. In each and every one of them there is a body of Administrative and Administrative Assistants who are responsible for ensuring that everything works perfectly: filing tasks, organization, accounting, general administration, user service, management of relevant information, etc. Therefore, it is a task of great importance and for which there are thousands of jobs throughout the country in this country. MasterD, a company specialized in open online and face-to-face training in Spain, has been training thousands of students for 30 years to obtain their place in the administrative assistant competitions. This preparation, personalized and adapted to each student, is one of the most complete and chosen by candidates in this country.

The oppositions in Spain stand out for allowing professionals to obtain a secure job with good benefits, benefits and possibilities for promotion in the Public Administration. This gives them the opportunity to grow professionally and ensure a stable future.

In the area of ​​administrative assistant, thousands of positions are offered every year throughout the national territory. That is to say, candidates can take several exams in the same year, which multiplies their chances of achieving their place. These places are intended for city councils, hospitals, provincial councils, government delegations and a wide variety of other companies and public entities of high relevance to the country.

Likewise, it is important to highlight that to access administrative assistant competition positions you only need an ESO graduate degree or equivalent. Furthermore, the topics and evaluations are quite easy to acquire and the exam is multiple choice, which allows applicants to pass these exams in 1 to 2 years.

At MasterD they are leaders in the preparation of thousands of candidates in the areas of health, education, administration and management, justice, services, security forces and bodies, air traffic controllers, etc. Today, one of its most requested training is preparation for administrative assistant exams, which is supported by specialists with more than 30 years of experience. MasterD and his team are able to prepare administrative assistants who wish to practice at the local, regional and/or state level.

In the same way, they train professionals prepared to access and excel in positions in all types of public entities and companies, including universities, city councils and regional governments. Likewise, the training of this company involves mock exams, online and direct classes, access to academies for all regions of Spain and individual monitoring. This last point is essential for students, since they can study and prepare for their administrative assistant exams based on a personalized methodology adapted to their needs.

In addition, the MasterD preparation is unique in preparing all the possible options with a single course, and the calls for administrative assistant can be for both the State administration, autonomous administration (Government and Health Services), local administration (municipalities and Provincial Councils) and universities. Each administration sets its own agenda, but they all have a common core. MasterD adapts the syllabus for each call it prepares, offering all its students the latest updates regarding the syllabus required in the rules of the call, including calls for internal promotion.

Victoria, Administrative Assistant in Zaragoza, began her preparation with MasterD and achieved her goal in a short time thanks to her efforts and the support of the MasterD teachers, especially her coach, who applied highly effective training monitoring and control. Victoria emphasizes: “for me, getting a place has meant everything. It has been being able to focus my life on work, since I have a job for sure. At MasterD they managed to adapt to my needs.”

Individual exams, reviews of all topics in blocks and follow-ups allowed you to study in a more personalized and optimized way. Victoria also mentions that she plans to apply for an internal promotion in the future, to apply for an Administrative position, and she will choose MasterD for its quality materials and her teaching team.


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