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Musa elevates Real Madrid in La Fonteta

Musa elevates Real Madrid in La Fonteta.

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Musa elevates Real Madrid in La Fonteta

Musa elevates Real Madrid in La Fonteta

The Madrid team prevailed with hard work 73-80 against Valencia Basket and chained its fourth consecutive victory in the Euroleague


Real Madrid maintained its good line and added its sixth victory, fourth in a row, in the Regular Phase of the Euroleague 2022-2023 after beating Valencia Basket 73-80 this Tuesday, in a game that was not decided until the end despite because he was always ahead and where Dzanan Musa shone.

The Madrid team continues to establish its new project and saved an always difficult exam at La Fonteta, where they had to fight until the end for the win, although they came to dominate by 16 points. The 'taronja' did not give up at any time, but ended up falling in the decisive moments, partly due to the actions of a toned Bosnian forward, who signed 28 points and a PIR of 32, being unstoppable for the Valencian team, who missed the last-minute loss of one of their best scorers, Chris Jones.

Real Madrid started 'plugged in' at La Fonteta, above all thanks to Musa and Cornelie, whose wrist did a lot of damage to the 'taronja' defense, which was unable to stop the inspiration of the Bosnian and the Frenchman, who combined to contribute 20 , a dozen each, of the 31 points signed by the visitors.

With the offensive machinery greased, Chus Mateo's men also showed that they are better defensively. Controlling the rebound, the initiative was his very soon and doubled Valencia Basket on the scoreboard (11-22). The locals threatened to react (16-22), but the entrance of 'Chacho' Rodríguez restored the clear advantage at the end of the first quarter (19-31).

However, Real Madrid "unplugged" in the following ten minutes, although their defense and mastery of the rebound kept them ahead despite the attempts of Alex Mumbrú's men, who survived the first three minutes without scoring, although when Alexander broke the streak, the score was still threatening (21-35).

The visitors' aim was clouded from the triple and they signed a devastating (0/9) in this second quarter where the baskets were seen with droppers. The Madrid team also did not pay for a run similar to that of its rival without scoring and reached the break ten up (31-41).

The period of reflection also brought the return of the improvement in the offensive performance of both teams. Valencia Basket chained three three-pointers, two from Dubljevic and another from Van Rossom, but they didn't do much to cut back because Llull broke the losing streak in this facet and Musa's penetrations continued to make holes in the 'taronja' defense.

A '2 1' and a three-pointer from the Bosnian forward and another three-pointer from Mahón once again gave Real Madrid a lot of comfort, which reached the quarterfinal with a clear advantage, although not yet definitive in a setting like La Fonteta (46-59) .

And the ten-time European champion instantly found that he could not relax. A quick 5-0 run made the locals dream again (51-59), but his rival knew how to hold on and find a way to always be above ten points so as not to be overwhelmed.

But they ended up arriving in the final stretch, where Real Madrid survived thanks to the actions of Deck and Musa, and a vital offensive rebound from Tavares. Even so, a three-pointer from Van Rossom put a tense 71-74 lead, but the Real Madrid team managed that moment better and took the win. DATA SHEET.

--RESULT: VALENCIA BASKETBALL, 73 - REAL MADRID, 80 (31-41, at halftime)

VALENCIA BASKET: Van Rossom (17), López-Arostegi (6), Puerto (2), Dubljevic (15) and Webb III (2) --starting five-- Prepelic (-), Alexander (5), Harper (11 ), Claver (6), Radebaugh (3), Pradilla (-) and Rivero (6).

REAL MADRID: Williams-Goss (-), Deck (16), Musa (28), Cornelie (10) and Tavares (4) -- starting quintet-- Sergio Rodriguez (3), Abalde (-), Llull (8) , Hezonja (2), Poirier (4), Causeur (5) and Ndiaye (-).

-- PARTIALS: 19-31, 12-10, 15-18 and 27-21.

--REFEREES: Lottermoser, Foufis and Rossi. Poirier was fouled out.

--PAVILION: The Fountain of San Luis.

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