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Murcia is still under the influence of the storm and the weather situation advises not to let your guard down

MURCIA, 23 May.

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Murcia is still under the influence of the storm and the weather situation advises not to let your guard down


The Region of Murcia is still under the influence of the storm that this past morning has left significant amounts of water in some areas, hence the weather situation advises not to let your guard down.

This has been advanced to Europa Press by the spokesman for the territorial delegation of Aemet in Murcia, Luis Bañón, who has specified, by way of example, that in 12 hours an accumulated rainfall of 108 liters per m2 has been registered in the Salinas de Cabo de Palos, at the beginning of La Manga (Cartagena). Of the total amount, he calls attention to the fact that 104 liters per m2 fell practically in 6 hours and with "very high" intensities accompanied by strong gusts of wind of up to 82 km per hour. In the port city, 91 liters per m2 have been recorded in 12 hours.

Although the DANA will leave the Region of Murcia throughout this Wednesday, "we will continue under the influence of low pressure and an unstable situation" that will last throughout the week.

For this reason, the yellow warnings for rains are still active, because they are under the influence of DANA. Specifically, the anticyclone is located around the British Isles, further north than its normal position, which causes the storm to move south and enter the Peninsula and the Azores, affecting the Region.

This type of alteration, called 'rex lock' in meteorological terms, causes storms to enter the Peninsula and continue in the environment.

As a consequence, this situation of instability will remain for practically the whole week and although the DANA disbands and leaves for the Mediterranean, a second one will enter on Thursday and it will march towards the Azores but could foreseeably affect the Region of Murcia.

Rainfall, cloudy skies and occasionally stormy showers are expected all week due to the influence of these low pressures with cold air. The evening situation will be marked by some instability, daytime cloudiness and stormy showers over the next few days.

This unstable situation is accompanied by a drop in maximum temperatures that have already been recorded this Tuesday, which will be the coolest day of the week, just like this Wednesday. Although the maximums will rise slightly on Thursday, they will remain relatively cool for the season.

Specifically, the maximums are located this Tuesday between 6º and 8º below normal, with values ​​between 20º and 22º taking Murcia as a reference value; on Thursday they will reach 26º and on Friday they will drop again to 23º-24º. So that throughout the week we will remain with a few degrees below normal, while the nights will be mild, around 14º-16º.

In the Altiplano it is still raining and significant rainfall is accumulating, between 40 and 50 liters per m2 and in inland areas of Lorca it is still raining, as well as in the Northwest. It is not ruled out that the precipitations and some showers that, in a more isolated way, affect some point in the Region are not ruled out.