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Moreno warns that Andalusia has "a brutal water problem" and calls on Sánchez to "take the drought seriously"


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Moreno warns that Andalusia has "a brutal water problem" and calls on Sánchez to "take the drought seriously"


The president of the PP of Andalusia and the Junta, Juanma Moreno, warned this Sunday that "we have a brutal water problem", stressing that "without water there is no agriculture, there is no livestock; without water there are no jobs in many counties and municipalities of Andalusia" and "without water many towns in the interior will die and empty Spain will continue to grow", since he has urged Sánchez to "take this problem seriously".

This was stated during a visit to the Sevillian municipality of Los Palacios and Villafranca, where he held a meeting with members of the irrigation community and representatives of the primary sector in the area, in which he verified the difficulties that both the farmers and ranchers in the region due to the lack of water. Moreno has stressed that talking about the leadership of Andalusia is talking about the strength and leadership of the Andalusian agri-food sector.

"Andalusia is the leading producer of rice in Spain and, specifically, the province of Seville, which has 60% of the cultivable areas," he explained while pointing out that "this harvest is in danger due to lack of water" , as is also happening with the cultivation of tomatoes and cereals. For this reason, the Andalusian president has once again insisted that "water is key", he added in a statement.

Moreno stressed that the Andalusian government "is aware and for this reason, having only 33% of the basin's powers, it has already activated three drought decrees with 300 million euros for emergency works, to alleviate these needs."

Along these lines, the president of the PP-A has demanded "the same responsibility from the Government of Sánchez, which has 67% of the powers, has European funds and more resources than Andalusia".

For this reason, he has insisted that Sánchez "take water policies very seriously, that he make decisions already in urgent works and speak with the European Commission to put direct aid now through the CAP for our ranchers and farmers".

Finally, Juanma Moreno reiterated the commitment of the Popular Party and the Andalusian government to combat the drought, assuring that "within our possibilities, we are going to do everything we can, but it will not be possible to save a fundamental sector in our economy and in our society, if there is not a clear commitment from the Government of Sánchez for water in Andalusia".

The Andalusian president, during the visit to Los Palacios, supported the PP candidate for Mayor, Rafael Ruiz, whose project is presented as "the alternative for the future" so that this Seville municipality, "which has enormous potential and capacities, but it is weighed down by a heavy debt and a management that is not efficient" --he said--, "it can advance and display all its possibilities of progress".