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Moreno denies a "break" in the processing of the Doñana irrigation law and asks the Government for dialogue and not "threats"


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Moreno denies a "break" in the processing of the Doñana irrigation law and asks the Government for dialogue and not "threats"


The president of the Board, Juanma Moreno, has denied this Friday that there will be a "stop" in the processing, in the Andalusian Parliament, of the bill on irrigation in Doñana due to the municipal elections on May 28 , and has asked the central government to sit down to talk, instead of dedicating itself to launching "threats".

In statements to journalists in Marbella (Málaga), Moreno wanted to make it clear that the deadlines "that are established" for the processing of the bill in the Autonomous Chamber will be met, and that the objective continues to be that it be approved in the current period of sessions, which lasts until the end of July. "There is no parenthesis or stoppage or limitation for this law to follow its normal course, as we had organized and planned," he said.

Juanma Moreno has insisted on denouncing that the central government does not want to sit down and talk with the Board to try to find a solution to the problem of the farmers in the northern crown of Huelva. She has said that since last December, the national Executive has still not responded to the requests for meetings from the Board, which is willing to study and evaluate the alternative that the central administration could put on the table.

"What we are not going to accept is blackmail or threats and until now the Government of Spain is related to the Junta either by threatening us or by blackmailing us with letters where it says that either we will throw the bill into the bin, or they will not feel with us", indicated Moreno

For Moreno, you have to be very serious and rigorous and consider this in a reasonable way, "which is to sit at a table", where the central government proposes an "alternative".

He has been convinced that, between now and May 28, the central government is not going to sit down at a table to talk with the Junta because "it is on an electoral campaign and is using this matter as an element of an electoral campaign." "From now until May 28, the only thing we are going to receive are expletives, insults and threats from the Spanish Government", he has predicted.

Likewise, he has expressed that he is very amused that the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, accuses him of being "arrogant" at all the rallies, when, in the end, the central government is the one that "uses arrogance permanently because it is not able to sit down with another executive to work together to find a solution. "They treat us with a level of superiority that is inappropriate for a government that talks about decentralization and co-government," he said.