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Montero: The "only solution" that fits before the irrigation law that "attacks" Doñana is its "withdrawal"


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Montero: The "only solution" that fits before the irrigation law that "attacks" Doñana is its "withdrawal"


The Minister of Finance and Public Function, María Jesús Montero, has ruled this Friday that "the only solution that fits" regarding the bill registered by PP-A and Vox in the Andalusian Parliament to regularize irrigated areas in the region of Condado de Huelva, in the surroundings of the Doñana National Park, is "the withdrawal of this regulatory text" because it constitutes an "attack against the environment".

"There is no other issue that does not go through there, and everything that is wanting to slow down, go after the elections (local on May 28), is an attempt to deceive the citizens," the minister asserted in a statement to the media in Seville after participating in an informative meeting organized by Europa Press Andalucía in collaboration with Fundación Cajasol, and with the sponsorship of Cepsa, Atlantic Copper, Azvi and Grupo Abades, where he presented the mayor of Seville and socialist candidate for re-election, Antonio Munoz.

The also deputy general secretary of the PSOE has maintained that "we politicians have to be very clear", and the president of the Andalusian Government, Juanma Moreno (PP-A), "has to be very clear regarding the position of the Junta de Andalucía with Doñana", which is a "World Heritage Site", as he remarked before emphasizing, in addition, that there are "many warnings from experts, the scientific community, the European Union, the Government of Spain", regarding that "what the Andalusian president intends" is an attack against this natural park, against this Biosphere Reserve, this lung of Europe.

"Therefore, the only possible question is the withdrawal," insisted the minister, who has opined that "probably" Moreno does not adopt that decision "because pride prevents him from recognizing that he has made a mistake, and the majority is embarrassed absolute".

The head of the Treasury has opined that "it would be good and desirable that, when someone makes a mistake of the type that Mr. Moreno Bonilla has made, he tells the citizens that it is rectified, and that note is taken of what is being said at the level of all parties", and in line he has stressed that "the consequences" of the success of said bill "could be very serious", not only, as he has added, because of the "financial sanction" that it could entail on the part of the European Union, and "we all wonder who will pay for it", but also "for the agricultural products of Huelva and Andalusia".

And it is that, as he continued, "the problem here is that the reputation of one of the most important areas of activity that Huelva has, such as its agriculture, is called into question, and the just cannot be paid for sinners." "There can be no approach that calls into question the fact that berries have all the guarantees of legality with respect to irrigation, or that the agricultural community of Andalusia does not care what happens or what does not happen with the environment," the minister has maintained.

Montero stressed that "agriculture and the environment go hand in hand, and the only way to make agriculture sustainable is to preserve the environment and vice versa, and there is no need to constantly confront sectors or try to encourage confrontation and politics short dribble".

The deputy general secretary of the PSOE has criticized in this regard the "policy to which Mr. Moreno Bonilla has accustomed us, who is now unmasking, which is not to face any problem" and "permanently blame the Government of Spain for everything", according to has denounced

In addition, the minister has stressed that "a withdrawal of the bill has not been announced", and "the policy that is being developed" by the PP-A government in this regard "is even more cowardly", to "try to pass the Rubicon of the May 28 elections".

Along these lines, he has asserted that, "when one is trying to prevent scientists from coming" to appear in Parliament in the framework of the processing of this initiative, "the experts should not come" and "not to listen in first person to what We already know that the scientific community says that this is an attack against the environment", and "when what you do is delay and throw the ball out, it is because you fear the electoral results that you may have for May 28 ".

"But of course, this policy is a fraudulent, lying policy," said the minister before adding that if Juanma Moreno "has been convinced that this bill is bad for Andalusia, that it harms Doñana, that it does not have an answer to the farmers, because there was no response that was contemplated there beyond trying to deceive them, the good thing, the prudent thing, what is expected of a politician, is that he retire", and "from there you can start talking everything that has to be talked about", as he added before concluding that, "while the position of error is maintained and not amended, I think that what it reveals is pride".